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Today’s Quiz was held at the Community Baptist Church in Greer, South Carolina. There were a number of really interesting match-up’s and I was able to preview a few of them. Over the next few days I will be submitting overviews of these quizzes as well as other news from the Piedmont Quizzing Association.
PQA Quizzer(s) of the Month:
In a very rare first for the Piedmont Quizzing Association, there were three young ladies awarded the prestigious honor of “Quizzer of the Month.” The three ladies were:

Esther Tobias -Pleasant View Defenders
Ashley Hill – Temple Swords
Katie Geer – Calvary Challengers

PQA undefeated teams after three months:
1. Pleasant View Defenders
2. Temple Swords

* Both were 6-0


Over the next few days I will give you updates on the day’s quizzing by the two Athens teams, the top two Faith teams as well as the two undefeated teams. This was a very interesting day with some truly interesting quizzes.

#6 Faith 4 vs. #3 Athens 1
This was to be a show down by arguably two of the finest teams in the country and certainly in the league. Faith 4 led by Jonathan Bishop, and Athens 1 led by Anthony Licata “Alf “, and Kyler Dennis.

The Quiz stated very uneventfully with a Landon Forsythe error, and a missed rebound by “Alf “.

But the pace quickened with Kyler taking the next question and then erroring on the 2nd for a Jonathan sighting. Score: 20-20. Jonathan then took question three and the lead was temporarily to Faith. By question 11 Jonathan had quizzed out without errors and he left the quiz with his team leading 130-90. But from that point on the quiz was completely dominated by Athens. Anthony quizzed out on question 17 and Kyler on 20. To take a comfortable win 240-140.

#9 Faith 3 vs. #23 Athens 2
This was a match up between the two younger teams of the two programs. Athens 2 primarily is made up of first year quizzers, and Faith 3 is the young High School team from Faith. Faith was clearly the more experienced team, but after having lost two heart breakers in the previous month, and only having one quiz this month, I wanted to see how they would rebound. Early on it was clear to see that they had put losing in the past, and were more determined than ever to compete at the level, which they were expected to compete. Joshua Bishop led the team to an early lead of 40-0. Then Katie Arnold, Lisa Turner and Jared Bryson all kicked in and swiftly pulled away from Athens to a convincing 310-90 win. Highlighted by Lisa Turner quizzing out without errors on the final question.

In the next few days I will be submitting an overview of the two top teams in the PQA, and the quizzes of the three top quizzers for the month. You won’t want to miss it!

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