Startup Your Week: College Quizzing

Do you think that there will ever be an exclusively college tournament that has more than three teams competing?
–Rob C. CharmaNder, FL

You know, I was wondering that myself…

In fact, if you are a college person reading this article that hasn’t been to an event, well then it’s your fault that the competition has been so small!

Like I said in my last article, us college people just don’t have enough time to study or go to all the tournaments. What we need, however, is something exclusive to college tournaments, like a grand finale or something, that teams would travel far and wide to attend. I have only quizzed against one other college team (Georgia Tech), and as fun as it is, it would be great to see others get involved. So this is the official call-out to any and every college student out there. Get a team, and get studying! There will be a tournament the day before the New Year’s Classic, and you college people have all of christmas break to study. So there, you must come. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS.

I heard that Seminole, Georgia Tech, and Bob Jones were all going to be quizzing in the same tournament in January in what many are calling “the biggest college tournament of all time.” Out of those three, or any others who might be attending, who do you think will be the best?
–Rhonda, BJU

OH LOOK! Is this the tournament I was talking about in the previous question? It is!

Talk about talent! Some of the best quizzers to have ever received a high-school diploma will be attending this event. Tiffany Parrott, Brant Callaway, Jesse Startup! Wow! Talk about exciting!

As far as who will be the best, asking me will only result in me giving a distinctly biased answer, as I think that my team will be the best. But here’s what is true: this tournament will be VERY competitive. Do not expect a blowout, or any team going down easily. I will be bringing a secret weapon, but that doesn’t mean that we will win handily. All it means is that the quizzing will be very fast, very intense, and very exciting, and that’s why all college teams SHOULD COME!


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