Startup Your Week: Fantasy League

Hey Startup, What do you say that we start a Fantasy League among those of us that can’t really quiz anymore? We could have a draft and then come up with a point system or something and just work it kind of like fantasy football. I think it sounds like a stinkin’ awesome plan! Or maybe not…
–Dave Mariott, MI

I’m all for it!

Of course, it may be unfair slightly if certain teams and quizzers are not able to attend events. But hey, why limit it to old people? Current quizzers should be able to put themselves on a team, in order to motivate themselves to win and get points. Hopefully this will not be the first thing to motivate people to learn Scripture, but for those superficial people like me, it’ll do the job.

Do you think forming a team involves learning to work as a team or is that something that comes naturally?
–Abby Carbonell, FL

Well, in my experience, forming a team naturally means that you will have to get along. In theory there can be built an all-star team, and to most people that will seem like a killer team, but in fact the actual team may not perform as well as expected. I quiz my best when I am with my friends, because we get along. I remember one tournament I went to where there was an all-star team built, and while we won, I felt that I quizzed very poorly. As a team you win, and as a team you lose, and so you have to learn to be friends.

One of the reasons we did not do so well at AACS in 2003 (we got 5th), was because one of our quizzers was kicked out. This demoralized our entire team, not necessarily because he was a good quizzer (although he was), but because he had quizzed with us since the beginning, and we became demoralized. The quiz following the announcement that he had been kicked out, we got more than 10 errors, and received our first loss. Would that have happened if he was allowed to quiz? I don’t think so. We were, at the time, mentally shut down and depressed for our teammate. The point is that it is very important in Bible Quizzing to have team spirit, and to treat your fellow quizzers as good friends.


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