Startup Your Week: Nothing Week

This week is hereby declared nothing week, because I am FINALLY finishing school, and will resort to doing nothing. Thus, I will answer some of your nothing questions: questions that are short, silly, or both.

In your estimation what role should exercise and a healthy diet play in a quizzer’s life? Is it true that if you do leg lifts and cardiovascular training that you actually become a faster jumper?
–Matthew McGlocklin, OHIO

None and no. Like I have said in previous articles, being fat does not hurt a quizzer’s ability to quiz. Exercise and a healthy diet play a role in every person, but in my experience, I wouldn’t worry about it for Bible Quizzing.

If you do leg lifts and cardiovascular training, good for you, but it won’t help you jumping. Bible Quizzing is strictly a mind sport; that is, you jump when your mind is triggered. If you want, you can position the seat pad so that your light goes off when you, say, lift a leg or something, but that is about the only physical advantage you can attempt.

Is your last name really Startup?
–Sharla, Wisconsin

Yes. And I’ve heard all the jokes. So instead of staying up thinking of a funny comment to say to me regarding my name, you should probably study, get your college team to compete, or do something else.

Will the King and Queen of Quiz get married soon?
–Stoned, Georgia

No comment. I have no desire to revel my personal life here on this website. And I’m sure the author of this question could choose a better name than “Stoned.”

Who has the best pre-quiz prayer?
–George Lindsay, FL

See, I told you this was nothing week.

Prayer is talking to the Lord; it comes from the heart of the person praying. Some people are more articulate than others, and can reveal their heart’s thoughts clearer than others, but who am I to say that one person can talk with God better than another?


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