10 Moments from 2004

By Ron Zyhaus

Today on radio stations across the country, listeners will hear a countdown of their favorite songs from the entire year. Today, I am doing the same thing. In a series of mini-articles, we will relive some of the greatest moments from 2004. Over the next several hours, you will get my take on the 10 most memorable Bible Quiz moments of the year. So come back every 30 minutes or so for the new posting. It will all culminate at 12 a.m. (EST) with the announcement of the biggest moment from the entire year. Plus we’re going to open up a new message board thread for you to comment on each of the topics as well as what you think should have been the #1 moment of the year.

Moment 10: Valley Wins SCQANIT

Moment 9: Woodside Finishes #1 in BibleQuizzer.net Rankings

Moment 8: Master’s Excluded from SCQANIT

Moment 7: Old Paths Fails to Win Big Tournament

Moment 6: Atlanta Springboard–First College Tournament

Moment 5: FBCCF Middle School Takes 2nd at SCQANIT

Moment 4: Faith(SC) Wins 3rd New Year’s Classic in 4 Years

Moment 3: First Ever Hall of Fame Class

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