New Year’s Classic: A Coach’s View

This coming Saturday will be my 5th or 6th New Years Classic, and every year seems to be so very different. As a coach this tournament always seems to be the most profitable for my team, and it has become the tournament that is a must. The NYC is one of the best tournaments in the country in every way. The competition is unbelievable, and the people who help organize this tournament are great. If you are a coach who has never attended this event let me recommend it very highly.

As a coach I look at NYC as a booster for the second half of the season. Normally by January the quizzer’s are getting a little worn down with the load of quiz and school, and it is great to break the routine and get involved it a Big Tournament. One of the great things about the NYC is the round robin quizzing. This always seems to give me a chance and my team a chance to get our focus back on quizzing. Last year we came to quiz very tired from a week of meetings at church. So we were all somewhat out of it. But we got going in round robin and the day went well from that point. The double elimination format is also nice because it gives you that leeway for the quiz were nothing goes right. Overall NYC is an awesome tournament. I would say more, but any coaching tips or secrets are…just that!

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