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OK, let’s start with the fact that two of the top 4 teams at Athens’ NYC were from the same ministry. (I will discuss in an article summarizing the event later that the second team–team #1, but that is a discussion for the article also) was not nearly the fourth best team. Nonetheless, they had 2 top teams. Also, as I said earlier, I thought Old Paths and FBCCF would go back and forth all year. They did at Athens. It was incredible. They went back and forth in three well done quizzes. Neither had nary a middle win against any of the other teams in the afternoon. A great start to the 2005 quiz year. I feel like I had a front row seat (actually 8th row, but I could have scooted down) to one of the best competitions of all time–and I don’t mean just Bible Quiz. Very few events have ever been as exciting as the Finals this year.

2. Old Paths
If Bible Quizzing were a boxing match, I would say Old Paths lost Round 1 on a very narrow 10-9 margin. Old Paths, much like FBCCF last year, is establishing a wonderful program with the top Middle School team here–winning the event. Expect these two powerhouses to go back and forth all year. Those finals were like something I haven’t seen since the old Southside-Master’s days of the early 90’s. It looks like it might continue, too. Let’s just hope the rivalry isn’t derailed by one or both of these teams started to be excluded, like the TMA/SCS rivalry was.

3. Woodside
Jeremy was phenomenal. The rest of the team is great. And there Freshman team was also in the top 10. If Woodside merges these two, they might get to the top echelon. They are a great team, but Old Paths and FBCCF have established a level above that for the top spot this year. I believe this may be the only team to derail the FBCCF/Old Paths rivalry.

4. Faith (MI)
Having been accused of not giving this team enough dap, I am careful here to not ruin my reputation. Nevertheless, if they pushed Old Paths, we know they’ve got to be good. They are the only team not at Athens to crack my top 5. I always hesitate to do that, but I know that there is no way

5. Pleasant View (KY)
I thought this team would be like Woodside–very good, but not quite as good as the top 2. However, I had them slightly overrated. They are a top 5 team, but they seemed to be just under where I thought they would be. I think they are a little weaker on II Corinthians, but that can change. They have the one quizzer (Aaron Wells) who can take any team outside the top two out of the top two in a tournament by himself. Count on this team being consistently in the top 5 at tournaments.

6. Faith (SC)
I know this is starting to sound like Athens results rehashed, but that is as good of a standard as any at this point. Now you ask why I chose PVKY ahead of Faith when they tied for 5th. Well, Faith (SC) has proven that NYC is their tournament. They have consistently won it when they have been merely solid at others. Therefore, if I have to choose the better team between two tied teams, I am going to say that Faith has been so great for so long at NYC that I must discount their performance just a touch more than Pleasant View’s.

7. Pleasant View (SC)
The big brother of PVKY has now officially been passed by the little brother in a big tournament. Nevertheless, the team did very well without their top statistical quizzer up to this point in the PQA. I am not sure why Bryce Tyson was not present, but I know that it probably made the team just a little bit worse.

8. Capitol City
Can I knock them too much? They may not have attended NYC this year, but a one spot drop for that decision is fair. Maybe they will come to another event later in the month that will help me judge their pedigree.

9. Open Bible
What? Who the heck are these guys? Many of you are now asking one of these questions at this very moment. Well, let me tell you. They did not have a high school team at Athens. They brought only a Middle School team. That team got 2nd. OK, I know some of you will knock the Middle School, but I saw quizzes in the rooms of all 7 quizmasters that worked the afternoon. I know that it would be impossible to quantify a correlation, but I know what I saw. A second place in Middle School is worth at least 9th on my ballot. Further, because I am from Florida, I am biased. Also, I know that their second and third best statistical quizzers in the FQA are 9th graders and therefore didn’t quiz with them. Also, who can vote against Grace D’Amico–The cutest seven year old to ever get a top 5 quizzer award at NYC?

10. To Be Announced
Valley? Heritage Mission? Temple? Wood County? Spring City? All of these teams made a case for the last team to be included on my ballot. Each has a good case. Valley won SCQANIT last year, and was very solid in a “rebuilding” year. They are clearly the most dominant of these 5, but I feel they lack the determination of some of the others. (confused about the italicized terms? read my last article) Heritage Mission? They are the second most dominant. They seem to fade in long tournaments (Athens NYC is clearly the longest). Temple? They are the most determined team of the bunch. I feel that they may not quite be dominant. I think that in a 5-team tournament, they may get 5th, but they find a way to Middle Win against anyone. Wood County? Not coming to Athens hurts their ability to make a case, but it also eliminates their chance of looking really bad. They beat Heritage Mission in October. Is that enough? Spring City? With only three quizzers, they become susceptible to things that others do not. However, they have some star power. Covering 29 chapters with just 3 people is tough. I wish they would have pulled up some MS quizzers and tried to make a run at a better spot. In terms of strength of program, they are first as none of the other middle school teams in this group can compete with theirs. So, which logic swayed me the most? Spring City, I can’t overlook their showing at Athens.

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