October PQA

The October quizzing for the Piedmont Quizzing Association was held at Fellowship Baptist Church in Taylors SC. It was a good day filled with a lot of very good quizzing. The day kicked of in dramatic fashion with the very first ever PQA All star quiz. It was a quiz featuring the top 10 quizzers. As it worked out there were 5 guys and 5 girls in the top 10. So it was divided Guys vs. Girls. In last months article I predicted that the guys would triumph 220 -190 over a very competitive girls team. This I based purely on the advantage of experience on the guys team. This proved to be a pretty good prediction.
The Quiz

Guys Team Individual Stats For The Quiz:
1. Mark Crosby (Greenville Green) 2-0
2. Dale Forsythe (Faith 7) 1-1
3. Kyler Dennis (Athens) 2-1
4. Landon Forsythe (Faith 4) 3-0
5. Tyler Ziemer (Calvary Watchmen) 4-0

Girls Team:
1. Meredith Bryson (Faith 2) 4-0
2. Cathleen Durkee (HP Peacemakers) 1-0
3. Casey Lovegrove (Cal. Crusaders) 0-0
4. Esther Tobias (PV Spokesmen) 3-1
5. Madelaine Williams (Cal. Conquerors) 0-1

The girls took the first question to jump out to the early 20-0 lead. But by question five the guys had taken the lead 60-40. The Girls then responded with a two question spurt and retook the lead 80-60, sadly this was there final lead of the quiz. To keep it close though the girls did, they battled hard and by question 14, with three strait corrects, (two from Esther Tobias and one from Meredith Bryson) the girls trailed by only 20 points. The girls errored on question 15 which lead to a five question outburst (Q15-19) from the guys and the girls picked up question 20. But in the end the guys had triumphed 260-160. Overall it was a very exciting quiz to watch! I am already looking forward to the next All Star quiz which will be at the December Quiz at Pleasant View. This quiz will be a three team quiz with the top 15 quizzers competing. This should be one awesome quiz!

Other News:

Quizzer of The Month: Tyler Ziemer – Calvary Watchmen Tyler Ziemer was named the PQA Quizzer of the month for September. Congratulations to Tyler on a job well done!! Top 10 Teams:
1. Faith 2 (6-0)
1. Faith 1 (6-0)
1. Faith 7 (6-0)
1. Temple Swords (6-0)
5. HP Peacemakers (5-1)
6. Faith 8 (4-1)
7. Greenville Green (5-1)
8. Greenville Blue (5-1)
9. PV Sons of Thunder (4-2)
10. Cal. Watchmen (4-2)

Top 10 Quizzers: 1. Tyler Ziemer (30-2) – Cal. Watchmen
2. Esther Tobias (25-4)* – PV Spokesmen
3. Cathleen Durkee (28-3) – HP Peacemakers
4. Madelaine Williams (30-8) – Cal. Conquerors
4. Mark Crosby (30-8) – Greenville Green
6. Kyler Dennis (28-5) – Athens
6. Meredith Bryson (27-3) – Faith 2
8. Alaina George (26-3) – Temple Swords
9. Katherine Shumate (25-2) – Faith 1
10. Casey Lovegrove (26-5) – Cal. Crusaders

*5 Quizzes

Novembers quizzing will be at the Calvary Baptist Church in Simpsonville SC. Quizzing will begin at 5pm.

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