November PQA

Novembers quizzing was held at the Calvary Baptist Church in Simpsonville, SC. The quizzing was very competitive and overall really good. The day played out with all but one of the undefeated teams taking a loss. Below are a few of the stats.

Quizzer of The Month

Once again Tyler Ziemer walked away with the Quizzer of The Month award. He is one of three quizzer’s in the league who have quizzed out in every quiz this season. Congratulations to Tyler!

Top 10 Teams/Quizzers

This month I will change things up a bit. I will give you the top team and that team’s top quizzer and rank.
1. Faith 7 (8-0) Dale Forsythe -T19th
2. Faith 3 (7-1) Robert Shumate – T19th
3. Faith 1 (7-1) Katherine Shumate – 10th
4. Greenville Blue (7-1) Matthew Crosby – 12th
5. HP Peacemakers (6-2) Cathleen Durkee – T4th
6. Faith 8 (6-2) Sarah Porch – T35th
7. PV Sons of Thunder (6-2) Natalie Raynes – 31st
8. Faith 2 (6-2) Meredith Bryson – T4th
9. Calvary Watchmen (6-2) Tyler Ziemer – 1st
10. Heritage 1 (6-2) Beka Acampo – 8th

The three quizzer’s who have quizzed out in every quiz are: Tyler Zeimer, Esther Tobias, and Mark Crosby. Great Job!

Decembers quizzing will be Saturday the 10th at Pleasant View Baptist Church in Taylors, SC. The quizzing will begin with the second All Star Quiz at 2pm. This quiz will be a three team quiz, which to my knowledge will be the first ever three team quiz in a PQA event! The teams will be made up of the top 15 quizzer’s in the league. This should be a very exciting quiz!

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