Startup Your Week: Great Florida Teams

So what do you think? FBCCF vs. Calvary: who’s better and who’ll place better? And how come we never hear about Open Door anymore? They have the Gracie PowerQuizzer!
–Spec Tater, FL

Wow, seems like Florida seems to be the hotspot this month!

I mentioned this on the message boards, but I would like give props to FBC-CF for an almost 3 year run, and props to Calvary Baptist Church for beating the three quizzer team of Paige Warren, Praiselynn Santos, and Abigail Carbonell. I think they deserve name recognition, so great job to David Tyrrell, Kelsey Davies, Jonathan Mast, Joshua Austin, and Jacob Mast, a very good team that I have seen progressively increase in skill over the last year or so. They are definitely a team I will keep an eye out for at competitions, and I hope to see them do well at national competitions also.

Who is better? Who’ll place better? FBC-CF is still a great team, and surely a contender at AACS, and more recently at Athens. Calvary is still a young team, with many years to grow. In terms of experience, I would say that FBC-CF is superior. They won AACS and Athens last year, and even with the departure of Annabelle Carbonell and Breanna Richardson, they still quiz very well. Additionally, if we have forgotten already, their 2nd team placed 4th last year at Athens, and NONE of those quizzers have graduated. FBC-CF has quite a few good quizzers from which to choose to fill Annabelle and Breanna’s shoes. So my vote is FBC-CF, until Calvary can consistently win.

As far as Open Door, I still have faith that they can and will perform well. They were third at the Kickoff Classic (only beaten by FBC-CF and UCF, two amazing teams), but they didn’t go down fighting. If they can regain the focus and determination they had last spring, I think we may experience a three-way tie in the FQA.

What do you think makes a good team a “great” team (or at least one that gets recognition on this site)?
–puma, FL

Beat FBC-CF.

No seriously, placing top eight or so at a major event (NYC, CI, SCQANIT, AACS) or placing top three at a side event (Midseason, Blueridge, etc) should get you recognition on Additionally, you will need to stand out as not only a good team, but a friendly and fun team. Let me explain.

I know that nobody here wants to unfairly shaft teams out of their deserved dap, and what you must remember is that we are human, and thus have personal biases toward (or sometimes against) certain teams. However, we all do “claim” to be reporters of the events in the Bible Quizzing world, and so we should choose not to allow those personal feelings to affect our work, at least when it comes to tournament reports and the like.

Having said that, a lot of this site is opinion-based material that authorizes us to express our hunches and feelings. For example, I am an FBC-CF fan. The reason for that is because they have directly influenced my entire quizzing career, they represent Florida, my home state, and most importantly, their star quizzers and their coach are very personable and fun to be around, and I have developed friendships with them.

What I meant by all that is that we all lean a certain way when it comes to our favorites, and we like to write about them, analyze them, and grade them in a way that we would not do for teams we don’t see often or don’t know very well. So do well, have fun, and make an impression, but please don’t do anything that the expense of studying or quizzing! Bad publicity will always be bad publicity!

I hope to be at Athens just free-floating around different quizzes, so if you feel your team is getting the shaft on this web site, get myself or someone else (George Lindsay, perhaps) to sit in and watch. We would be honored.


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