Pick Em Challenge Strategy Guide

By Ron Zyhaus

This year, we have opened up the Pick ‘Em Challenge to the general public to compete with and against us correspondents. In order to give you guys a fighting chance though, I’ve been asked to give you some pointers that have worked for me in the past to pick the teams that are going to come out on top. Here are my best three.

Teams from far away tend to run out of gas

Personally, I believe that Woodside and Old Paths are both going to be strong again this year despite losing a lot of top notch talent. Valley and Heritage Mission could also make strong showings. (Note: this article only includes teams that are currently listed as coming to NYC as of December 29.) Do not choose any of these teams to win. You may think that you’ve made a bad choice in the morning, but they will most likely fall off towards the end of the tournament.

Pick Faith SC

Faith has been the owner of the NYC in the 2000’s. They have won it twice and have been challengers every other year. Although they don’t always get a lot of dap on this site, their competition is better earlier in the year in the FQA than anyone else’s, and they’ve always been a consistent early season team.

PVKY could break your heart

Pleasant View KY probably will be my pick to win the tournament. However, of our two most highly touted teams, FBCCF will definitely finish in the top 3. I could see PVKY blowing up in a couple of quizzes and finishing outside the top 5 or dominating the whole day and easily winning.

It’s always exciting for the NYC to finally roll around each year. I know we’re all excited about it, and I can’t wait to see all you BQ fanatics.

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