Karen Alexander

Earlier this month, we established the dominance of Colorado in the mid 80’s. While Craig Scott was given the dap, it is true that he never once answered a single question at AACS. To me, those early years were led by the two-headed monster of Sophie Thomas and Karen Alexander. Almost inseparable in my mind, I feel their legacies are intertwined, and it pains me that they will be elected to the Hall of Fame in different years, but alas, the selection committee is in charge of that. Herafter are the facts of Karen Alexander’s quizzing career.
When Craig Scott decided to start a Bible Quiz Team at Silver State Baptist School, it was essential to get students to participate. In those early years, there were monthly events and they struggled to compete with the national champions. It didn’t take long for leaders of the two Silver State teams emerge. As they did, Karen was one of those leaders and began to establish herself as a given for the “National Team.”

When the Colorado takeover took place, Silver State won all twelve months in a single year and became the first team ever to win AACS in their first trip to the event. Karen was the perceived leader of that team and was an incredible talent. To those who didn’t know her, we knew that she had done a tremendous job memorizing. She had such precision and could answer questions. As part of one of the best 1-2 punches ever, and certainly the best of non-related people, Karen became well known.

When doing retrospective columns, I frequently tell the history of those of whom I heard. I mentioned Felix, whose name was all the rage, but Karen is the first person that I heard about, whom I had actually seen. While it took the next year for my commitment to Bible Quiz to take effect, I had seen Karen a time or two in her 1987 championship. Also, after Felix, Jeff LeMaster, and Mike DeVries, she became the first dominant female quizzer.

Karen changed the perception that girls were at a reaction disadvantage, which was an unspoken sterotype for years. Karen was the leader of the back-to-back championship teams coach by Craig Scott. In the days of only three years of AACS eligibility, I must quote a famous philosopher, “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad.” Karen, you will forever be remembered by those who saw you as the girl with fantastic dresses that showed you can look good, honor God, and still be extremely competitive.

Use God’s Light, Karen. You’re on the List.

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