Interview: Jared Bryson and Joshua Bishop

Let me take a moment to say thank you to all the ones who gave of their time to talk to me on Saturday. I appreciate all your help. Also, thanks to Brant for all the help on the interviews. He even did one interview by himself. (guess which one he picked! The winning team!) Thanks to all those who donated their time to my interviews.

Where did your team finish today?
Bryson: I believe we were 7th or 8th.

Was this Faith team your exact team from PQA?

Bishop: No. Our teams were combined for this tournament.

Is the competition level at this tournament much higher than PQA?

Bryson: It’s really a whole lot higher. The majority of teams at the top of PQA are teams from Faith. This is certainly a much higher level of competition.

What is the next national tournament your team will quiz in? SCQANIT?

Bryson: No, Actually this year we are going to the Woodside tournament. We have the PQA tournament coming up as well, but it’s not really national.

After finishing in the top 10 here in Athens, what will your goal for the Colorado Invitational be?

Bryson: Top 5
Bishop: or Top 3

How do you like the format that the CI will use which involves two days of quizzing?

Bryson: It’s a great idea. It means that we will miss more school. I think we will have to fly up on Thursday now as opposed to Friday since the tournament starts on Friday.
Bishop: I don’t know though. If you are quizzing really well on Friday night, it may hurt your momentum to have to break for the night.
Bryson: Yeah, I guess I would prefer one whole day.
Bishop: Yeah, me too.

Let’s say you have to pick ONE tournament. Choose among CI, NYC, SCQANIT?

Bryson: Scqanit.
Bishop: Scqanit.

Finally, Joshua, what’s it like to be a Bishop?

Bishop: Well, everybody calls me Jonathon. Besides that, it’s nothing special.

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