December PQA

The Piedmont Quizzing Association held its monthly quiz meet for December at the Pleasant View Baptist Church in Taylors, SC. There were many good quizzes, but few were as exciting as the opening quiz, which by the way to my knowledge was the first ever three team PQA quiz. This quiz featured the top 15 quizzer’s in the league. In today’s article I will give you more on this quiz as well as some other news from the league.

Quizzer of the Month

The quizzer of the month went to Mark Crosby of the Greenville Green. This team is a first year team from The Church of Greenville. Theses guys have done a great job led by the great quizzing of Mark. Mark has quizzed out in every quiz this year. Congratulations!

Top 10 Teams

1. Faith 7 (10-0)
2. Faith 3 (9-1)
3. Greenville Blue (9-1)
4. Greenville Green (8-2)
5. Faith 2 (8-2)
6. Temple Swords (8-2)
7. Faith 1 (7-3)
8. Hampton Park Peacemakers (7-3)
9. Faith 8 (7-3)
10. Pleasant View Sons of Thunder (7-3)

Top 10 Quizzers

1. Tyler Zeimer – Cal. Watchmen
2. Esther Tobias – PV Spokesmen
3. Mark Crosby – Greenville Green
4. Cathleen Durkee – HP Peacemakers
5. Madelaine Williams – Cal. Conquerors
6. Meredith Bryson – Faith 2
7. Beka Accampo – Heritage 1
8. Valerie Myers – HP Saints
9. Matthew Crosby – Greenville Blue
10. Alaina George – Temple Swords

The All Star Quiz

The teams were led by the three top quizzer’s in the league, Team Red by Tyler Zeimer, Team White by Mark Crosby and Team Blue by Esther Tobias. The quiz started out with Team Red jumping out 110-0-0 lead over team White and Blue. Team White had errored 3 times and team Blue once. But then they seemed to both get on track a little bit. Team Red led 160, Team White 20, and Team Blue 40, by question 10. Tyler had quizzed out on question 10 with a bonus. After Tyler quizzed out it seemed that team Red lost its steam and over the next 3 questions team White picked up 60pts and team Blue 10. Then Team Blue lead by Esther Tobias woke up. Esther answered 4 of the next five questions to quiz out on question 18 making the score Team Blue 150 Team Red 150, and Team White 50. On Question 19 Meredith Bryson made and error (-10 Score 140) but neither Team Red or White were able to take advantage, so question 19 was repeated, once again Meredith jumped but this time she nailed the answer and put her team into the lead 160 -150 over team Red. There was a timeout and on question 20 Team Red out jumped team Blue to pull out an exciting win 170 -160 – 50. It was a spectacular finish to a very fun quiz!

This months quizzing will wrap up the regular season for the PQA. The quizzing will be at Community Baptist Church, in Greer, SC. This will be Sat. Jan. 14th, @ 4pm.

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