Interview: Sean Philips

Let me take a moment to say thank you to all the ones who gave of their time to talk to me on Saturday. I appreciate all your help. Also, thanks to Brant for all the help on the interviews. He even did one interview by himself. (guess which one he picked! The winning team!) Thanks to all those who donated their time to my interviews.

Your team quizzes in tournaments that have two different styles. You quiz in tournaments familiar to us which are AACS style, and quiz also in tournaments that are WBQA style. Which do you prefer?

Philips: AACS. Definitely, I prefer the AACS style.

How does the competition in this tournament compare to the average quiz back home?

Philips: The competition here blows it away.

Did your team set a goal for this tournament?

Philips: We wanted to compete, but we didn’t really set a goal.

Talk about losing your top 2 quizzers. What effect did that have on the team?

Philips: Honestly, It scared the blazes out of us. We were really worried about it.

When did you get your first loss in the tournament?

Philips: I believe it was the 6th round. 5th or 6th.

Who was the best team you saw today?

Philips: PVKY

Let’s say that you have to pick one tournament to go to. Do you pick
Colorado Invitational, Valley’s, New Year’s Classic, or SCQANIT?

Philips: Colorado.

Now that you’ve quizzed really well at this tournament, what will
Your goal be for the Colorado tournament?

Philips: Definitely Top 5.

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