January PQA

January’s quizzing was held at Community Baptist Church, in Greer, SC. This was the final regular season quizzing for the Piedmont Quizzing Association. Coming into the day only one team (Faith 7) remained undefeated, and three individual quizzer’s had quizzed out in every quiz (Tyler Ziemer, Esther Tobias, and Mark Crosby). This day was to be a very exciting day of quizzing.

An Overview in a Flash

The top team in the league Faith 7 came into the day on a roll. They were 10-0 and looking to bag two more wins against seemingly beatable teams.(#6 Temple Swords 8-2, and #15 Cal. Watchmen 6-4) I will insert just a word here. Over the past few years Temple has come up big in quizzes at Community in January. I remember three years ago I was coaching a team that came into the final quiz of the year at Community and we were also undefeated. Temple came into the quiz with a record of 6-3 and ranked 10th in the league. We were 9-0 and tied for 1st in the league. Our team lost the quiz 220-140. On this particular day Faith 7 also found Temple to be a Giant killer. The Temple Swords cruised to an easy win beating Faith 7 by more than 100 points. I’m not certain of the score but I want to say it was like 240-100. Then to prove that they are primarily giant killer’s Temple went on to the next quiz against Faith 3 and lost in nearly equal fashion.

As for the top three individual quizzer’s Tyler and Mark continued there streak of quizzing out in every quiz. Esther quizzed out with ease in her first quiz and then enter her second quiz confident and quizzing well. She jumped on the first question and got an error. The question was one of those that you must hear the entire question in order to answer correctly, but sounds at first like an easy question. This happen three times in the same quiz, once Esther challenged and had the question thrown out. But it was just one of those quizzes were you could tell it wasn’t going your way. As a biased viewer I felt as though the quizmaster was squeezing things a bit but that’s quiz, you win some and lose some. Overall it was a very exciting day!

Final Standings

1. Faith 3
2. Faith 7
3. Greenville Blue
4. Greenville Green
5. Faith 2
6. Faith 1
7. Hampton Park Peacemakers
8. Pleasant View Sons of Thunder
9. Temple Swords
10. Athens


1. Tyler Ziemer – Cal. Watchmen
2. Cathleen Durkee – HP Peacemakers
3. Mark Crosby- Greenville Green
4. Esther Tobias – PV Spokesmen
5. Meredith Bryson – Faith 2
6. Valerie Myers – HP Saints
7. Beka Accampo – Heritage 1
8. Alaina George – Temple Swords
9. Madelaine Williams – Cal. Conquerors
10. Casey Lovegrove – Cal. Crusaders

The PQA Tournament will be held at Heritage Bible Church in Taylors, SC. Saturday February 4th, starting at 9am.

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