PQA Tournament

The Piedmont Quizzing Association held its end of the year tournament this past Saturday. This tournament is a two team, double elimination tournament for all the teams in the league.

The day opened with awards and trophy presentations for the top teams and quizzers, and quizzing began at around 9:30 am. I wasn’t able to see many of the early rounds because I was busy coaching, but as the day progressed I was able to see most of the later rounds. There were a number of surprises and also a number of disappointments. One surprise I must note. The Pleasant View Disciples, a team of first year quizzer’s made a strong showing. This team started its day against the Temple Swords who were one of the top 10 teams. (There is no round robin in the PQA Tournament) They made a very strong run but came up just short, dropping them to the Lower bracket. They then rolled along knocking off a top 10 and top 5 team on there way to a very nice top 15 finish. Congratulations!

As I watched it was clear to see that the top team in the tournament was Faith 3. This team was quizzing well, and working together in such a way as to say, “We are planning to win this thing!” My team that I was coaching (Pleasant View Spokesmen) finally was eliminated finishing in a tie for 8th place, so I was able to go and watch the final rounds of the tournament. In a tie for 5th place was Temple Swords and Calvary Conquerors. In 4th was Faith 7 who up until January had gone undefeated. I’m sure they were somewhat disappointed to not get a trophy but overall they had a great season! The third place quiz also featured two Faith teams. (Faith 1 and Faith 5) Faith 1 cruised to an easy 270-100 win. 3rd Place-Faith 5. The Championship Quiz was between Faith 3 and Faith 1. Faith 3 came into the quiz without a loss. The Quiz started with Jared Bryson getting Faith 3 on the board. Then Faith 1 capitalized on two errors by Jared and a correct of there own to jump out to a 60-20 lead. The quiz was back and forth up to question 14. That’s when Faith 3 took over and never looked back. Pulling away to a convincing 270-110 win. This marks the second year in a row that Faith 3 has taken the Championship at the PQA tournament. Congratulations!

Notes from a Season in Review

Faith 3 – Tournament/ Regular Season Champs:

Faith Baptist Church sweeps top 3 spots in the PQA Tournament- This is was the first time for one ministry to take all three of the top spots in the tournament in the 23 year history of the league.

Tyler Ziemer – Top Individual Quizzer

23 Seniors – Of note Esther Tobias, and Mark Crosby both who finished in the Top 5 individually

1st Ever All-Star Quiz

1st ever three team PQA quiz (An All-Star Quiz)

1st Year to have 12 Regular Season Quizzes (Up from 10)

Editor’s Note: I want to especially thank Jeremiah for all the hard work that he has done to keep up with the happenings of the PQA. Not only does he write the articles that you find here, but he is also a superb coach for Pleasant View SC. Jeremiah, we appreciate all that you do for the website. Thanks.

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