Independence Day Spectacular

The Independence Day Spectacular is a unique event that allows people to quiz against those of all ages. There are only two people on a team and it is only over three chapters. It is in the Orlando area and had over 20 teams last year. Matt West claims there will be even more this year. The rules are different so come prepared to be getting some quick action.

You have some teams that are two of the top five quizzers in the country. You have some teams that are elementary kids. You have some parent/child teams. You have teams of siblings. You have some teams that are old quizzers picking up younger quizzers. Last year, David Douglas, Jesse Startup, and Matt West quizzed. This year, I intend to quiz.

Do not miss out on this event. You will regret it for years to come. Everyone will get at least 18 quizzes and never has quizzing been more fun. Sign up online now at

Unlike most FQA events, there is a registration deadline. It is June 27. Because the quizzes are so quick, even the champions will lose 2-3 times, so maybe you could have bragging rights. Email me if there are any questions. We have hotel deals, some host families, an Orlando holiday stay, and lots of competition. Hope to see you there!

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