Around the Horn–Championship Week

Matt West guest moderated an Around the Horn. Hereafter was the session.

What is the best event noone has heard of?

Callaway–No one? Well, let’s go with the Atlanta Springoard. It is the Atlanta version of the Kickoff Classic. It has a good mix of established teams, new ones, and college teams. But probably the best thing about this tournament is the outstanding leadership.

Lindsay–The Independence Day Spectacular is a phenomenal event that you may have heard about, but it truly is a revolutionary way to look at Bible Quizzing.

Poston–I know this event has been heard of, but I think it’s probably the best event we hear little about—Marquette Manor.

Startup–Um, the Startup Brothers St. Patrick’s Day Super Smash Bros Melee Tournament? Seriously, either the Midseason or DC Invitational, but both of those tournaments I believe people have heard of, as there have been teams there. Anyway, I like the Midseason because it’s an early chance to prove yourselves, and I like DC because it’s the last event before AACS week, at least the most notable one.

WEST’s decision–Startup, that melee is terrible. Callaway and Lindsay tried to kiss up, but the fact is the Independence Day Spectacular is quite possibly the most fun I have ever had. Wait, wait, quizzing, that is. Lindsay wins! However, he gets points off for the shameless kissing up and Poston is the next best.

Should questions be distributed based on number chapters or number of verses?

Callaway–Number of chapters. First of all, I’m basically a status quo kind of guy. Second, basing the distribution of the questions on the chapter makes for more strategy during a quiz. You can make key substitutions based on what chapters haven’t had questions asked from them yet, etc. I think that it makes things more interesting that some of the shorter chapters are more competitive than the longer ones.


Poston–It only makes sense to distribute the questions based on verses. I know that most teams have a style of certain quizzers learning certains chapters, but if a chapter has 72 verses it deserves 5 more questions than a chapter that has 12 verses.

Startup–In Matthew, I think that it’s fair either way, and if tournaments want to do number of verses, that’s fine.Going into other portions, like specifically Hebrews and 1 and 2 Peter, it is best to do number of chapters. Although it shouldn’t matter; a good team with full coverage should be able to handle any question distribution.

WEST’s decision–This is tough. I feel either way is fair, but a mixture leaves it less fair. For example, if Matthew 27 has two questions while Matthew 13 has one, what is the logic there? If you are going to change for longer chapters, you need to go all the way. However, Startup’s answer accents the truth that it really doesn’t usually matter.

Who will win SCQANIT this year? Why?

Callaway–I’m feeling Faith SC. It is basically their home tournament. They don’t get to go to nationals so this is the big one for them. It is possible that FBCCF and PVKY won’t be there, and even if they are, they’ll be looking ahead to later on in the week.

Lindsay–I think FBCCF is the second best team and since Pleasant View never comes, they become the best. Even if Pleasant View does come, their bus driver will be preaching a Sunday evening service and their arrival will be at 4 AM. Not the best recipe for victory.

Poston–FBC-CF will win Scqanit this year. Even if PVKY shows up, I think they will be looking past SCQANIT to AACS.

Startup–I hereby invoke the right to exercise my bias right now, as many have accused me of having. FBC-CF to win SCQANIT. They have come in 2nd place for the past two years, to teams that are, in my opinion, not as good now as they were then. But Jesse, what happens if PVKY comes? I still think FBC-CF will win, even though they aren’t the better team.

WEST’s decision–I am a bigger FBCCF homer than anyone, but I just spoke with their coach and they aren’t coming. So, I have to say Brant’s choice has the best chance of coming true.

Scoreboard–Callaway 1, Startup 1, Poston 1. Lindsay is eliminated!!

Who will win AACS this year? Will they be #1 on your final ballot no matter what?

Callaway–PVKY. They’re the best team around this year. They have enough really good quizzers that one of their stars can have a down quiz without stopping them from getting a middle. FBCCF will be their main challenger again, but if Abby ever quizzed out backwards or only got two questions or something, they don’t have the same arsenal behind her that Aaron Wells has behind him.

Poston–I think that PVKY wins AACS with no losses. If the winner is not PVKY, I can’t say the winner will automatically receive my #1 vote.

Startup–I say PVKY to win AACS. If PVKY wins AACS, they will be #1 no question. If, however, FBC-CF wins, they will rightfully take the #1 spot. If, say, Old Paths wins them both, I still would keep PVKY at #1, unless PVKY lost too early in either tournament.

WEST’s decision–It seems that there is large agreement, but Startup and Poston actually answered the question, so they move on. Callaway you’ve been eliminated, so next time READ BOTH QUESTIONS.

Which tournament has better rules–AACS or SCQANIT?

Poston–This is not an easy question to answer. Mainly, because I believe the best case scenario would be to take a few of the rules from AACS and a few of the rules from SCQANIT to yield the best rules. I like quiz out with 5. I like no bonus. I like new tossup (this is the first time I’m admitting to that, mainly because 5 fouls in a row gets old). I like timeout after 19. I like the winners quizzing weaker teams. If I had to choose, I would take SCQANIT’s rules.

1) Bonuses are a hassle, too much of a wild card.
2) AACS formatting rewards teams for receiving a high-win, by sending them against a middle and low. Likewise, a team that receives a middle can stay alive by beating low teams as opposed to staying in the “winner’s bracket” and having to face the best teams. Obviously, the longer the tournament goes the harder it is to survive; both tournaments acknowledge that.
3) With the aforementioned concept in mind, a team with one really great quizzer can sail to the second day through middle wins (120 points) with little support from their team at AACS. As I have often been in that situation more often than not, I can sympathize. So the quiz out with 6 is better.

WEST’s decision–I like the timeout, point to Poston. I like the quiz out with 6, point to Startup. I like new tossup, point to Poston. I like Startup’s description of AACS’s bracketing being better. I guess here I need to judge on which I think is the most important. I guess I really think the biggest difference is made in quiz outs being 5 or 6. I really think it changes too much to lower quizzing out to five. I’ve gotta side with Startup. He is the champion.

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