2005-06 Awards

Coach of the Year: Nada Rogers, Heritage Mission

Most Improved Team: Calvary, FL

All-Bible Quiz First Team (in alphabetical order)
Felicia Burdett, Capitol City
Abby Carbonell, FBCCF
Praise Santos, FBCCF
Aaron Wells, Pleasant View KY
Autumn Wells, Pleasant View KY

Second Team
Eric David, Schaumberg
Grace Keenan, Old Paths
Faith Lofgren, Heritage Mission
Katherine Shumate, Faith SC
David Tyrell, Calvary FL

Third Team
Jared Bryson, Faith SC
Grace D’Amico, Open Door
Amanda Runions, Valley
Josh Voyles, Pleasant View KY
James Watkins, Heritage Mission

Look at the debate between George Lindsay and David Poston on who the Quizzer of the Year is, as well as end of the year team rankings.

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