Independence Day Spectacular Preview

The Independence Day Spectacular is entering its fourth year. However, this will be the first year that I have attended. As I’ve been helping (maybe more accurately, hearing about) the IDS with Matt West and I already learned all the verses for it during April and has not had a new article in a month, I decided that it is time to sit down and write the IDS preview.

After looking at all the teams I figured out that there are a lot of them that I don’t know a whole lot about. As such, there may very well be some wild card that makes it into the final five, but it’s my opinion that there probably won’t be because of seven elite teams already participating.

So from here, I will list the top 7 teams and the reason why they will and will not win.

Matt West and Grace D’Amico (Amazing Grace)
Fact: They also have the largest age gap of any of the teams.
Why: Matt West was the top ranked quizzer last year. Grace D’Amico is his best teammate so far.
Why Not: Grace is amazing no doubt, but I have my doubts that she has quite reached the level of some of the elite older quizzers in the tournament.

Abigail Carbonell and Annabelle Carbonell (Fervent Heat)
Fact: They have had a different name each year.
Why: They’ve won every year so far. Why stop now?
Why Not: Being this good, look for other teams to try to help each other knock these guys out.

Kelsey Davies and Brittany Austin (The Dynamic Duo)
Fact: They barely made the playoffs last year.
Why: These up and comers might be flying a little under the radar and could benefit from other teams fighting against each other.
Why Not: Too young.

Jesse Startup and Heather Rigsby (The Marvelous Marriage)
Fact: They aren’t actually married and their wedding date is set for next year’s preliminary IDS date.
Why: What better way to start your lives together than winning a Bible Quiz tournament
Why Not: Being in love can be a distraction.

Joanna Tyrrell and David Tyrrell (Lady and the Tramp)
Fact: David quizzed with a different sibling last year. Their family has THREE other teams entered.
Why: Great name. Great quizzer.
Why Not: Being related can be a distraction.

Brant Callaway and Alex D’Amico (Assitant Director Coalition)
Fact: The teammates who know each other the least.
Why: Brant’s known the verses a while and D’Amico may be a young Tex.
Why Not: Neither have quizzed at the IDS before.

Breanna Richardson and Praiselynn Santos (The Spineapples)
Fact: Quite possibly the worst name ever.
Why: FBCCFers know how to win.
Why Not: Can they keep up with the Carbonell team?

My Prediction:
The great thing about the IDS is all of these teams have a great chance of winning. It’s hard to pick against the defending champs and Matt West’s team looks very good, but I’m going to pick a minor upset and go with Jesse Startup’s Marvelous Marriage.

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