The FQA season starts with a new look

On the night before the competition, Matt West needed to move the competition to Open Door because the host church had the wrong date. We accepted reluctantly, Knowing that every time we have quizzed at our church we have not even made it to the elimination tournament.

The FQA competition started with plenty of excitement. There really seemed to be six teams that were all about even. I know that each of these six teams beat some and lost to others. But somebody had to win…

Calvary Tyrrell – Made up of David and Joanna Tyrrell and the Mast brothers, they quizzed very efficiently, but unfortunately missed out on the playoffs.

Calvary Austin – Made up of Josh and Brittany Austin, Scott Kennedy, and newcomer(to Calvary) Paige Warren, this team was very dangerous, but unfortunately also missed out on the playoffs.

Calvary Davies – Kelsey and Deven Davies(that’s it) teamed up to make the fourth seed in the playoffs, and did surprisingly well.

FBC-CF 2 – Led by Luke Brigham and John Webster, this was a very dangerous team, making the third seed in the tournament.

FBC-CF 1 – Praise Santos was amazing. It was almost like watching Abby quiz (but not quite). She led her team to the first seed in the tournament, and had them poised to walk away with the trophy.

Open Door Excellent Name – Now I may be a little biased, (if you don’t know, this is my team) but this was the most balanced team at the tournament. Grace was amazing and Caleb Crawford added much needed clutch quizzing. But one couldn’t help but wonder if they could shake off their home church curse.

Now because I was quizzing in the other quiz, I do not know the details of the first quiz between FBC-CF 1 and Calvary Davies, but I do know that FBC-CF 1 won. In my quiz, Open Door quizzed very efficiently, with Grace quizzing out by question 15, but with an untimely error on my part, it was 190-180 on question 20. It was from chapter 5, a weak chapter for FBC-CF, and Caleb jumped and got it right, setting up the top two teams in the finals.

ODBC’S strategy was simple: let Praise quiz out without giving them any free questions, then feast on the rest of the team. But Grace ruined that strategy by actually quizzing well. She got 5 of the first 6 right. But After a timeout to for ODBC to refocus on the strategy, FBC-CF came back to 120-80 after 10 questions and Grace had quizzed out. After 15 it was 160-140 FBC-CF with Praise having quizzed out. Open DOor got 3 of the next 4 to make it 200-180 ODBC on question 20. The first question 20 was to quote Hebrews 2:16. Well, nobody was willing to make an error, so we repeated question 20. It was a finish this verse, and Caleb stood up after only two words. Everybody wondered if Caleb, who was in only his third quiz ever, could handle the pressure. Everyone that is, except Caleb, who raced through it with no hesitation to give ODBC their first win ever.

A few notes on the competition. First, the quizmasters were excellent. Second, it is the first FQA quiz that I have been to that ended on time. But third, with Abby gone, the FQA has three ministries that are on basically the same skill level. This statement is proved by the fact that no team went undefeated in the morning. Everyone had at least one loss. So while I would like to predict that ODBC will win again next month, I cannot because the competition is so good.

1.) Praise Santos
2.) Kelsey Davies
3.) Paige Warren
4.) Grace Damico
5.) David Tyrrell
6.) Luke Brigham
7.) John Webster
8.) Alex Damico
9.) Elisabeth Thomas
10.) Jessica West

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