Startup, er Callaway, Your Week: FQA Post Abby

So it’s Callaway stepping in this week to Startup Your Week. Callaway Up just doesn’t seem to work as well, but we’ll just work with what we’ve got.

Who is the best team in the fqa now that Abby is gone?
– intrested, OR

Without a doubt…Calvary. No, they didn’t win the first FQA tournament of the year. No, they didn’t have the top quizzer. They didn’t even finish in the top 3. And I’m not even sure if I think they will win a single FQA event this year. But mark it down, the best team in the FQA is Calvary. They are doing something incredibly smart in splitting up their top teams for the FQA monthly events. You know they have a couple of great quizzers in Kelsey Davies and David Tyrrell. By having three competitive, though not dominating teams, Joshua Austin, Joanna Tyrrell, and Deven Davies are going to have to step up and be good quizzers for their FQA teams to be successful. But what this means when it comes to the big tournaments of the year is that they are going to have 3, 4, or 5 quizzers that are all going to be able to get questions against good teams. Much dap to the FQA too. They have three definite teams in the top 10 this year – Calvary, Open Door, and FBCCF (4 if you count the University of Central Florida). But I think when it comes down to it, Calvary has the best two quizzers in the FQA and is probably the strongest challenger to Pleasant View’s bid to grab another Grand Slam of Bible Quiz.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Send me your questions and we’ll get them answered next week.

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