Callaway Your Week: Competitive Eating

What do you think are Matt West’s chances of upsetting Takeru Kobayashi in next year’s Nathan’s hot dog eating contest?
– concerned friend, FL

Let me say first that Matt West is an eating machine. I have personally seen him eat a 32 ounce steak (roughly the size of a family pot roast) with about 6 rolls and two side dishes – This feat got a picture of Mr. West, Poston, and me on the wall at the Texas Roadhouse in Greenville. Then afterwards, we went and got “novelties” which Mr. West says means icecream. Also, I’ve heard several eyewitness accounts of his eating 128 buffalo wings. I’ve seen him down an entire pizza at 1 a.m., and order Zaxby’s chicken fingers by the dozen for a snack and wash them down with a couple of milk shakes from Checkers. All that being said, West’s chances of beating Kobayashi are zilch. That guy is unbelievable. I will say that I think if we can convince Matt West to attend next year, he could finish in the top 5.

Once again, I only got one question this week, so send me some more and we’ll get rolling on SYW again.

Also, I’ll finish up my season preview article this week and get it out there. Hope everybody’s enjoying the new BQ season.

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