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The Piedmont Quizzing Association kicked off its 22nd year of quizzing this past Saturday afternoon at Faith Baptist Church, in Taylors, South Carolina. 32 teams will represent the league this year. Prior to the start of quizzing on Saturday I had the opportunity to speak with several of the men who have been very instrumental in the success of their respective quizzing programs.

The inside scoop is this! Look out for Faith 3. I spoke briefly with Mr. Tom Swinton and I asked him about Faith’s teams, and he said that Faith 3 looked like they would be really good again this season. If you recall last season they won the regular season crown as well as the PQA Tournament. This team is made up of all seniors and is the real deal! What I have admired about this team in the past and even now is the balanced nature of this team! They are not a one or two man show, but all work together as a team. Look for that to win them a ton of quizzes this year.


Top 15 Teams:
1. HP Saints (2-0)
1. Faith 1 (2-0)
1. Faith 3 (2-0)
1. Proclaimers 2 (2-0)
1. Cal. Challengers (2-0)
1. Cal. Conquerors (2-0)
1. Cal. Watchmen (2-0)
8. Faith 5 (1-1)
9. HP Fishermen (1-1)
9. Cal. Chosen (1-1)
11. Proclaimers 1 (1-1)
12. Faith 7 (1-1)
13. Faith 8 (1-1)
13. PV Discerners (1-1)
15. Temple Swords (1-1)

Top 15 Individual Quizzers:
1. Hannah Gentry – Temple Shepherds (10-0)
1. Haley Singleton – Cal. Challengers (10-0)
1. Leah Forsythe – Faith 8 (10-0)
1. Jessica Backer – PV Discerners (10-0)
1. Beka Accampo – Proclaimers 1 (10-0)
6. Madelaine Williams – Cal. Conquerors (10-1)
6. Tyler Zeimer – Cal. Watchmen (10-1)
6. Erin Pennington – Faith 1 (10-1)
6. Maria Pennington – Faith 5 (10-1)
6. Andrea Ohly – Greenville Red (10-1)
6. Valerie Myers – HP Saints (10-1)
12. Daniel Flaaten – HP Fishermen (10-2)
13. Danae Binns – Cal. Challengers (9-1)
13. Lena Mahler – Faith 5 (9-1)
15. Jonathan Crosby – Greenville Blue (10-4)
15. Casey Lovegrove – Cal. Chosen (9-2)
15. Evan Bryson – Faith 7 (9-2)
15. Christian Shockley – Temple Swords (9-2)
15. Jacob Hall – Cal. Conquerors (9-2)

The Day’s Quizzing

I was able to watch a number of quizzes on the day. Some of which I followed and reviewed.

Faith 7 vs. Greenville Red:
Greenville put the first 20 points on the board, but that was about it Faith 7 pulled to a 120 – 20 lead by question 7 and looked as though they would walk away with the quiz without a fight, but it wasn’t to be that easy. By question 10 Greenville had cut the lead down to a very respectable 120 -80. Faith then called a timeout to regroup. The quiz remained close up through question 13 with the score at that point 160-100, but then Faith pulled away to an easy 260-130 victory.

Of note in this quiz:
Evan Bryson (Faith 7) quizzed out without errors on question 11
Jeff Thompson (Faith 7) quizzed out on question 15
Andrea Ohly (Greenville Red) quizzed out on question 20

Faith 3 vs. HP Peacemakers:
This was one of the more interesting quizzes of the day. Faith 3 came out jumping but it seemed like it was one of those quizzes were the questions are just one word to long and the answers reflect that fact. It seemed like an endless flow of errors by Faith and as though HP knew every rebound. The quiz though ugly by Faith’s standards remained close. The quiz was tied at question 16, but then Faith finally kicked in and pulled out the victory 220 – 140. In all Faith had committed 7 errors and HP none.

Faith 3 vs. Faith 2:
This was the second quiz for Faith 3, and they picked up were they had left off in the previous quiz with Hampton Park. The blew out there fellow team 310 -70, once again reasserting why they very well could be the team to go all the way again this year.

Every person for Faith 3 answered at least two questions in this quiz and Lisa Turner quizzed out.

Looking Ahead

Next month’s quizzing will be held Sept. 16th, at Hampton Park and will began a 2pm. This is a change from the standard 5pm. I hope you will plan to attend. I promise you will see some very intense and exciting quizzing!

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