Bid-A-Quiz. What is it? Well from what I can gather, it is the weirdest event to ever be related to Bible Quiz. It seems that there is no actual jumping skill involved, but there is an ability to answer questions involved. It also punishes errors even more than in a two-team quiz. The general idea is to be able to answer questions or be able to bluff your opponent into trying to answer before he can answer questions.

It is the most blatant of competitions. You are by yourself with only your own knowledge and your bluffing skill. Matt West said in my correspondence with him that he thinks you need to know at least 5 chapters to be successful. I disagree, because I think someone who gives the impression that they know a chapter can be just as dangerous. Look for someone who seems to know the material to do well.

I also think that the best quizzers will not necessarily be the best at this event, which corresponds with what Brant Callaway said in his correspondence with me. A good quizzer generally has a little confidence when quizzing against a lesser quizzer. Unfortunately, some of those lesser quizzers will be able to answer questions. The greater quizzer will lay back early and end up losing points to someone that generally doesn’t quiz well. Then in an attempt to come back, they will bid too low.

So, I think the winner will be someone who knows enough verses to answer most questions if they hear it all. Someone who is a decent quizzer, but not a top flight quizzer. Someone who can pretend or give the impression that they know more than they do. Since it is impossible to predict, I am hesitant to give you names, but since I must. I think Elisabeth Thomas, Joshua Thomas, Joanna Tyrrell, Jessica West, and Caleb Crawford are the names to watch.

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