Startup Your Week: Ch…ch…ch…changes

Name: Kevin State: AR
Question: If you could do one thing to improve this website, what would it be?

Just one thing???? If weekly columnists would actually post articles weekly then it would be MUCH BETTER! (I’m talking about myself, here.) Heather suggested having a fantasy quizzing league, which would totally rock. I do think that the ads at the top of the page can sometimes be pretty silly, but if you’re talking about actual content, I would suggest perhaps a weekly or monthly column that recaps certain events in the history of Bible Quizzing, like perhaps reviews of past quiz years or famous AACS final matches. It’s like I have yet to say: If we know where we are coming from, we can better know where we are going!

Name: Brant State: GA
Question: Hey Jesse, tell me if you get this.

Yes, I got it. Thanks.

(you know, I post this on here to remind you that I can’t write articles if I don’t have questions)

Name: Kevin State: AR
Question: If you were going to start a new quiz league, what would it be like? Would it be closer to the PQA or FQA or which features of each one would you mimic or what stuff would
you just come up with on your own?

Kevin, Kevin, you just have so many questions, don’t you?

A new quiz league, you say? As someone who has almost exclusively participated with the FQA, I have to say that the events are run very well. This is not a jab at the PQA either, as I also participated in a few of their events as well, but am not very familiar with their style. A quiz league that offers opportunities year-round, like the FQA, and that offers competitions for old fogies like me, like the FQA, seems great. When beginning any new quiz league, it is very different to draw new teams in, and even the FQA has seen a turnover rate with regards to quizzing ministries. In high school, the competition was CFCA, FBC-CF, and TMA. Now we have Calvary, Open Door, and FBC-CF, with no TMA to be found.

However, one thing I would include in a new quiz league is Outdoor Quizzing. Just the quizzers and the quizmasters and nature. And parking lots with lots of cars. And lots of noise. And lots of bugs. Doesn’t that sound great!

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  1. How about a quiz league in the Far West? Southern California has informal tournaments every two months, but it is hit or miss who will show. Usually it is only First Baptist Long Beach, Mountain View Hesperia, and Faith Baptist Canoga Park. It would be great to build Bible Quiz in Southern California with an actual league. There are about 16 schools in a 200-mile radius that quiz at Fine Arts Competitions, but it would really great if they would quiz year-round.

    1. Well, I certainly can’t argue. Not sure why you are bringing this up on a 9-year-old article by a guy who no longer writes for

      What do you need to get the league going?

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