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This past Saturday the PQA held its monthly quizzing at Hampton Park Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina. The day was filled with many good quizzes. I was able to see several really good quizzes which I will be telling you about a little later in this article. If you have never been to a PQA quizzing event let me encourage you to try to get out to see one of these events, it is very fun and you might be surprised by what you see!

Quizzer of the Month – This month’s quizzer of the month went to Beka Accampo. She is part of the home school program from Heritage Bible Church. Beka quizzes for the Proclaimers 1. Congratulations on being named PQA Quizzer of the Month!

Top 10 Teams

1. Faith 3 (4-0)
1. Proclaimers 2 (4-0)
1. Calvary Watchmen (4-0)
1. Calvary Challengers (4-0)
5. Faith 7 (3-1)
6. Hampton Park Saints (3-1)
7. Faith 8 (3-1)
8. Faith 1 (3-1)
9. Calvary Conquerors ( 3-1)
10. HP Fisherman ( 3-1)
* of note Greenville Blue just missed the top 10 on points, they are also (3-1)

Top 13 Quizzers

These 17 Quizzers will be competing in a three team All Star quiz next month at Pleasant View. This quiz will begin at 2pm.
1. Beka Accampo (20-0) – Proclaimers 1
2. Leah Forsythe (20-1) – Faith 8
2. Hannah Gentry (20-1) – Temple Shepherds
4. Haley Singleton (20-2) – Cal. Challengers
4. Tyler Ziemer (20-2) – Cal. Watchmen
6. Daniel Flaaten (19-2) – HP Fishermen
7. Madelaine Williams (19-3) – Cal. Conquerors
7. Evan Bryson (19-3) – Faith 7
7. Jacob Hall (18-1) – Cal. Conquerors
10. Lena Mahler (18-4) – Faith 5
11. Andrea Ohly (17-3) – Greenville Red
11. Valerie Myers (17-3) – HP Saints
13. Casey Lovegrove (17-4) – Cal. Chosen
13. Jared Bryson (17-4) – Faith 3
13. Sarah Porch (17- 4) Faith 8
13. Daniel Ingle (16-2) Temple Soldiers
13. Jessica Backer (15-0) Pleasant View Discerners

The Day’s Quizzing

I was able to watch a number of quizzes on the day. Some of which I followed and reviewed.

HP Peacemakers vs. PV Mighty Men:
This quiz opened with an error by Luke Johnson from PV, Hampton Park took advantage of the error and thus took the lead 20 -0. Luke then out jumped HP and got it correct to tie the score at 20. Nathaniel Ogle then got question 3 to give PV a 40-20 lead. HP then got three in a row to take an 80 – 40 lead, but Luke Johnson once again kicked in and got the next two questions to tie the score at 80. After that Hampton Park took the lead and never relinquished it again PV was able to keep it close but in the end they fell 210 -180. Pleasant Views Nathaniel Ogle seemed to be a bit out of rhythm, I look for him to regroup and be stronger next month. He was 2-2 in the quiz.

Mary Aguilar – HP quizzed out on question 16

Faith 3 vs. Faith 1:
These two teams came into the quiz undefeated. On paper it looked to be a great quiz and to start out it was. At question 8 the score was tied at 80 and by 11 it was still close with Faith 3 holding a slim lead of 120 -100. Then Faith 3 led by Joshua Bishop and Jared Bryson hit overdrive and it was over! Joshua quizzed out on question 14 without errors and Jared on 16 also without errors. It was a strong effort by both teams but once again Faith 3 proved why they are still the favorites to repeat as Champions of the PQA. Final Score 290 -110! Let me say one thing more about Faith 1. Faith 1 is no push over! They are a Very Good team! Both teams are incredibly quick on the jump and know the material, so don’t overlook Faith 1 they are a good solid Top 5 team.

The Scoreboard

Quizzes I watched but will not be able to preview today due to time constraints.

Proclaimers 2 over PV Discerners 220-180:
*Starla Townsend missed the final question that would have given her a quiz out without errors and the win. The Proclaimers got the rebound and won the quiz.

Temple Shepherds over PV Discerners 230 -170:
This quiz featured two of the top quizzers in the league Jessica Backer from PV and Hannah Gentry from Temple. Hannah quizzed out on question 17 with one error. Jessica had three corrects and no errors.

Temple Swords over Athens 2 190 – 120:
Temple came out strong but had four errors after question 16 to make the quiz much closer. Andrew Sluder, Christian Shockley, and Nathan Young all quizzed well. Christian (if I remember correctly, or it may have been Nathan) got what seemed to me a bad ruling he gave Christ as the answer and the quizzmaster was looking for Jesus and so he gave him an error which was his 4th. But other than the errors Temple looked really strong.

Proclaimers 2 over Temple Shields 330 – 40:
Proclaimers 2 had two quizzers to quiz out. Katy Accampo and Mikael Kautzer ( I didn’t have a line up card so I’m guessing on Mikael)

Calvary Conquerors over Greenville Red 220 – 140:
Cal. Conquerors – Madelaine Williams quizzed out on question 17 without errors. Jacob Hall quizzed out on question 20. Andrea Ohly of the Greenville Red had 4 correct and no errors.

Looking Ahead

Next months quizzing will be held at Pleasant View Baptist Church. Quizzing will be on Saturday October 14th at 2pm.

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