October PQA

This past Saturday the PQA held its monthly quizzing at Pleasant View Baptist Church in Taylors, South Carolina. This day of quizzing was co-sponsored by the Church of Greenville. The day was filled with many good quizzes. Going into the day there were 4 teams still undefeated, could they maintain? In a moment I will let you know how they did. The day also kicked off with the first All Star quiz of 2006, this was a three team quiz, with the teams being made up by the top 17 quizzer’s in the league.

In other notes, Athens Christian School was unable to attend because they were unable to find a bus driver. From what I have been told this shouldn’t be a problem again because Mr. Bamford will be getting his CDL’s soon. Now for the day’s quizzing news.

Quizzer of the Month – This month’s quizzer of the month went to Beka Accampo. Beka quizzes for the Proclaimers 1. She was also last month’s top quizzer. Congratulations for once again being named PQA’s Quizzer of the Month!

Top 10 Teams:
1. Faith 3 (6-0)
2. Faith 7 (5-1)
3. Proclaimers 2 (5-1)
4. Greenville Blue (5-1)
5. HP Fishermen (5-1)
5. Cal. Watchmen (5-1)
7. Cal Challengers (5-1)
8. Faith 8 (4-2)
9. HP Saints (4-2)
10. Faith 1 (4-2)
* The two 5th place teams are tied in points as well as win – loss record

Top 10 Quizzers:
1. Beka Accampo (30-1) – Proclaimers 1
2. Hannah Gentry (30-2) – Temple Shepherds
3. Tyler Ziemer (30-4) – Cal. Watchmen
4. Haley Singleton (30-6) – Cal. Challengers
4. Jacob Hall (28-2) – Cal. Conquerors
6. Leah Forsythe (28-3) – Faith 8
6. Daniel Flaaten (28-3) – HP Fishermen
8. Madelaine Williams (29-7) – Cal. Conquerors
8. Evan Bryson (28-5) – Faith 7
10. Jonathan Crosby (28-7) – Greenville Blue
10. Casey Lovegrove (27-5) – Cal. Chosen
10. Valerie Myers (26-3) – HP Saints

The Day’s Quizzing:

I was able to watch a number of quizzes on the day. Some of which I followed and reviewed.

The All Star Quiz:
Team Red – quizzers of note- Jared Bryson, Beka Accampo, and Andrea Ohly
Team White – quizzers of note – Tyler Ziemer and Leah Forsythe
Team Blue – quizzers of note- Evan Bryson and Hannah Gentry

The Quiz
It was clear to see from the start that the top team was team Red, this team was made up of three Very strong quizzers. Beka really proved that she was deserving of her place at the top of the PQA. Her team pulled to a 140 – 40 – 40 lead by question 10 and soon after she had quizzed out without errors. The real quiz was between team White and team Blue it was a slugfest between two of the up and coming young stars in the league, Tyler Ziemer and Evan Bryson, both of these young guys quizzed with the skill of quizzers much older. In the end Tyler got some help from a few of the ladies on the team to pull out a solid middle. Final Score Red 210, White 110, and Blue 70. It was a fun quiz to watch!

The Scoreboard:

Quizzes I watched but will not be able to review today due to time constraints.

# 23 PV Discerners over #16 Faith 6 200-160
Jessica Backer quizzed out without errors on question 13 and Crystal Townsend had 4 correct to lead them to the mild upset over Faith 6

#18 Faith 2 over #27 PV Mighty Men 130 -110
This quiz was riddled with errors by both teams. Marilyn Bielmyer of Faith 2 quizzed out on question 15 with one error.

#24 Greenville Red over #1 Proclaimers 2 230-70
This was one of the major upsets of the day! Greenville looked unstoppable! Andrea Ohly quizzed out on question 12 and Stephen Eastland quizzed out on question 18.

#27 PV Mighty Men over #1 Calvary Challengers 250-130
This was also a major upset. Luke Johnson of Pleasant View came out and quizzed very well. He quizzed out on question 14. Nathan Blanton and Nathaniel Ogel also quizzed well. Haley Singleton of Calvary also quizzed well. She quizzed out on question 16. I spoke with Bro. Wood at the end of quizzing and he told me that Pleasant View had been motivated by their Pastor. Bro. Shifflet had promised them that the teams that got a win would be treated to a Pizza Party at his house. What ever works! Congratulations to PV on this big win!

#13 Calvary Chosen over #23 PV Discerners 230-160
Calvary was led by Casey Lovegrove and Drew Petersen. Casey quizzed out without errors on question 14 and Drew had 4 correct.

#5 Faith 7 over #28 PV Ambassadors 280-130
#28 PV Ambassadors over #15 Calvary Kingsman 230-150

Nathan Hawks of Calvary quizzed out. And David Viers and Natalie Raynes both had 4 correct to lead Pleasant View to the win. Pleasant View sat for the last five questions to make the score closer than it really was.

#1 Proclaimers 2 over #9 Calvary Conquerors 220-180
Jacob Hall and Madelaine Williams of Calvary quizzed out. Jacob quizzed out on question 14 and Madelaine on 15. They were leading 200 -100 but the rest of the team couldn’t pull out the win.

#1 Faith 3 over #6 HP Saints 260-140
Once again Faith proved why they are the top team in the league. They were lead by Katie Arnold. She quizzed out on question 15 without errors. Jared also quizzed well. He had 4 correct.

Turnout was excellent for the day’s quizzing. The building was filled to standing room only. I would guess that there were 500-600 people in attendance. This is always a great encouragement to the quizzers. I encourage any of you who may not have been to a quiz to come out to see this exciting event! Who knows you may get hooked as well! Next months quizzing will be held at Calvary Baptist Church in Simpsonville. This will be Nov. 11th @ 5pm. I hope to see you there!

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