The immeasurable greatness of…

To whom does the title refer? Well some might think I was talking about the Midseason Invitational in general. It was a very good tournament with 16 teams and a full-fledged tournament style. And while it is a great tournament, it can be measured. While there will be a time to write a review as such, this is not it.

Some might think I am referring to Genessee Valley, as the FQA website refers to them. While the team name keeps changing, the fact is that they continue to plug away with top team after top team. They had two teams in the top six, another that was a threat to win the consolation tournament, and they said they were missing one of their best quizzers. Yet that is not about whom I am referring.

Some might think I am talking about the state of Florida. They had three teams in the top five and are the only state to have different ministries place in the top five at this event (and they have had 4–we count Startup’s three different names as the same as the New York trend, just one ministry.) Nevertheless, those stats are measurable.

Could I then be referring to the Calvary group specifically? They were the best of the Florida teams and may have been the best team there at all. They beat Pleasant View once and had them with a second loss. In fact, after the tournament, I heard Pastor Massengale laughing about how he went to go get the bus as his team had been eliminated. And while this Calvary team is great and, in fact, may be the best threat to beat Pleasant View, this is not the time to extol their virtues.

The team to which I am referring is Pleasant View. I am now convinced that they are a top ten dynasty. They were not, in my opinion, the best team at the Midseason. They were, by all measures, eliminated after question 17 for a 4th place finish.

But here is the thing. If you give them any breathing room at all, they will take it. They are a dangerous team, even when they are not at their best. Aaron was excellent, but Autumn was only very good. I am sure they will continue to improve throughout the year, but they may be more beatable this year. Nevertheless, that instinct to survive, beat teams when not their best, and take every bit of breathing room you give them is unmeasurable (and the main factor that takes you from contender to champion and champion to dynasty).

Pleasant View Kentucky may not be the best team this year (and they may). But at any rate, they are the team that will quiz the smartest and will win the most tournaments. They are immeasurably great.

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