Michigan Invitational

As clearly one of the two best events before the New Year rolls around, the 7th Annual Michigan Invitational on Saturday, November 18, has been looked forward to with great enthusiasm. We were hoping to see a team or two showing great élan, and it turns out there were several. This turned out to be the most competitive early event ever! Fifteen Junior High teams competed at the same time as fifteen Senior High teams from 15 different ministries.

Basically, this tournament is incredibly unique. It gives every team seven round robin quizzes and in those seven quizzes, you quiz each of the other fourteen teams one time. Only the top 7 teams (All ties were broken by head to head) advance to the playoffs. Placement is based on a point system of a high win is worth three points, a middle win is worth two points, and a low win is worth one point. The top team in each division goes directly to the final 3. The second through seventh placed teams are placed in two different playoff rooms with only the top team from
each room advancing to the finals.

I did not follow the Junior High as well, I only know how they finished the Round Robin, so here is how they finished the Round Robin
1st: Calvary , SC
2nd: Faith, SC
3rd: Faith, Davison , MI
4th: Genesee Valley , NY
5th: Faith, Clinton Twp, MI
6th: Sterling , MI
7th: Parsippany , NJ
8th: Falls Baptist, WI
9th: Faith B, Clinton Twp, MI
10th: Faith B, Davison , MI
11th: Faith C, Clinton Twp, MI
12th: Rochester Hills A, MI
13th: Schaumburg , IL
14th: Rochester Hills B, MI
15th: South Side, IL

Senior High was incredibly close all day with the teams finishing the round robin as follows:

Pleasant View (KY)

21 points

Faith (SC)

20 points

Schaumburg (IL)

18 points

Old Paths (PA)

17 points

Parsippany (NJ)

17 points

Genesee Valley (NY)

16 points

Mukwanago (WI)

14 points

Faith, Clinton (MI)

14 points

Calvary (SC)

13 points

Faith, Davison (MI)

13 points

Falls (WI)

12 points

Rochester Hills (MI)

10 points

W Seneca (NY)

9 points

Sterling (MI)

8 points

SouthSide (IL)

8 points

Pleasant View had all high wins and went directly to the finals. After two very close playoffs, Faith SC and Old Paths joined Pleasant View for the finals. The first final saw Faith, SC go down by 60 points with 3 questions left, only to answer the last 3 questions, putting Old Paths at 120 and Pleasant View and Faith tied at 140 for first after question 20. The tie-breaker went to one final round to determine first place. Faith stayed strong throughout the final round, but Pleasant View remained too solid to be beaten in that final round and took first place with a score of 220 to 170 over Faith.

The whole day was very exciting with great competition and sportsmanship throughout. We are working with Matt Fenton to get more data, and if he sends it to us, we will post it. Thanks to Brant Callaway for help getting me some of the info I have.

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