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So I stepped in for Startup AGAIN. and Jesse Startup still have a big gap in the numbers they’re looking at in contract negotiations. Startup seems to want a 6-year deal, but seems to think that that would put him a little past his prime and aren’t sure they’re willing to go for that long of an extension or throw in ESPN the Magazine.

All that’s beside the point – The backup is in the game again. You could call this starting Tom Brady over Drew Bledsoe…

To the questions->

Jesse, I’m realllllllly tireed and its realllllly late BUT I can’t fall asleep. What do you do when yoy can’t fall asleep?
– tired, boredom

Can’t honestly say that I know what Jesse does to fall asleep. Try thinking really hard about staying awake. I’ve heard that makes you more tired.

Will Pleasant View, KY be as good this year as they were last year?
– Carl, FL

In terms of raw quizzing ability, probably not quite. They do have a much bigger intimidation factor this year though, and I think that could be worth a lot. I think a lot will hinge on what happens at NYC this year. If they can win that one, they may prove to be unbeatable again this year.

What is the most popular national compotition in your opinion?
– interested, FL

Most popular. I think it’s SCQANIT or New Year’s Classic if you just base it on the teams. AACS is the best to win, and Colorado seems to have the most people saying great things about how well it is run.

How threatening could Truth be to Calvary in Florida this year?
– Carl, FL

In terms of representing Florida at AACS – not very. Calvary’s biggest competition will come from FBCCF because both teams are in the top 5 in the country. Truth could win a lot of other states though and are a top 10 or so team.

Who is George Lindsay and have you ever met him?
– Jack, TN

He is a pastor in Arkansas, graduate of PCC, Bible Quiz officianado, and pretty good golfer from what I hear. I have met him and talked to him many times.

Considering what sounded like a very harrowing travel experience for you and your awesome team, what suggestions do you have for traveling quizzers to maximize their potential?
– Guess Who, Florida

I would say a good thing to do is to try to quote all the material as a team. Start on chapter 1, and everybody who has that chapter should say, move to chapter 2, etc. This is not too stressfully on the the ol’ noggin’ and gives you a good chance to review your verses. Have fun too. Bible Quiz trips are pretty fun.

Great Writing! I appreciate your candid approach to the tournament.
– D. Farmer, PVKY

Thanks. I’m sure Jesse will appreciate the compliment. I’ll pass it on to him.

Which are better, the small or the Greek?

(Refering to the Blue Ridge Inv. of like, ’03)
– Paige (a.k.a. Julia), FL

I guess this is some sort of inside joke, but I’ll take the Greek for the obvious reasons ;-).

In response to your question: No, Marietta is not haunted; it’s just an old town. And now my question: What can we expect from Wood County this year?
– Ben, West Virginia

I guess maybe should be answering some of these questions…but I have always wondered about Marietta. It’s where my folks are from in Georgia – didn’t know there was one in West Virginia, but it’s weird how a high percentage of Marietta’s seem to be haunted. As for Wood County, I don’t know too much about them to be quite frank. I think they are a solid, but not quite at the very top notch team. I think they should try to come to some big tournaments this year to show people what they’ve got. It would help the team too. Try the New Year’s Classic on January 6 in Athens, GA. Email to sign up.

All right, I have four more questions in the bank. I will answer them later because I’m developing carpal tunnel (not sure if I spelled that right).

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