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In what I think is the beginning of the season, the Georgia event always has great surprises and is one of the better days of the year. I asked some people what their impressions were. I actually emailed ten people and determined that the first four to respond would be included in the competition. I got three responses from quizmasters and one from a quizzer, so we will see what that means. Also, David Tyrrell, the one student who responded, told me that when we did the home school competition, he somehow missed the email. So, I think that when I said home school students were weaker at doing homework, maybe they are just not as good at receiving email. At we’d love to get some Around the Horn with nothing but current quizzers, so email Brant or myself to get involved in the competition. At any rate, enjoy this competition and see if your answers could be better.


Which team will win Athens New Year’s Classic? Why?

Callaway–Faith SC. They already have a lot of quizzes under their belt, and word on the message board is that they’ve got a new star quizzer with the last name Borkert – could put them over the top.

Douglas–Faith South Carolina (They always do well in this tournament.) They have more familiarity with more of the quizmasters than other strong teams.

Startup–Pleasant View Kentucky. Because they read my article. Just kidding, but I think they’ll buckle down and not make the same mistakes they did in West Virginia. But I have a feeling it’ll be close, like last year, because the quizzing does go so late.

Tyrrell–Although I’m extremely biased I believe that Calvary(FL) can win this tournament. All five of our quizzers have the ability to answer and learning from our past quizzes we have greatly improved. However I know that PVKY could win any of these tournaments and have heard that Faith (SC) has only grown in strength. Further since I haven’t seen all the teams there could be
others who will unexpectedly take first place.

LINDSAY’s Decision
If Tyrrell had committed to his team, I would be in favor of giving him the point, just for his confidence. As everyone knows now, I predicted the three teams mentioned to finish 1,2,3. However, now I am required to differentiate. I am predicting Faith (SC), because Pleasant View has to lose eventually, don’t they. I like Brant’s answer slightly better, so point for Callaway.

Who is the most important quizzer for Athens New Year’s Classic?

Callaway–Most important – Aaron Wells. I’d probably say the same thing for the best quizzer too, but he’s got to come up big again for them to repeat. The most interesting quizzer is Keith MacDougal from Truth FL who is a former Old Paths quizzer. I can’t wait to see those two teams meet; it could be the beginning of a big rivalry.

Douglas–The twins from PVKY Randy and Will Farmer. I think the overall success of PVKY will relate directly to how well these boys quiz. They need to quiz smart even if they get few correct answers.

Startup–Actually the difference maker here is your number 2, who should be able to go to distance. Athens is a long tournament, it’s important to have someone reliable who can go to distance and get questions, whether it be at the beginning of the day, right after lunch, or at 10 in the evening.

Tyrrell–Someone on an already solid team that can pull ahead to achieve a middle in a bad quiz and boost their team onto the next quiz.

LINDSAY’s Decision
I find this to be an intriguing question. The fact is that I don’t think anyone can predict, but everyone here, except Callaway, gives the same idea. I think Douglas’s answer is slightly different in that it names people. Startup gives a more articulate answer, so he gets the point.

What is the factor that influences outcomes at Athens New Year’s Classic the most?

Callaway–Five question quiz out instead of six. This is the one major that will most be decided by number two quizzers and strong teams rather than a superstar individual.

Douglas–The ability for good teams to avoid losses in the rooms of less experienced quizmasters.

Startup–The Gym. Quizzing in the gym can really change things up; just ask FBC-CF last year. The sound is different, and to those who can’t adapt, it’s the end of the line. See, teams are used to being in classrooms, in more casual style quizzes, but in the gym, it’s a larger room with a bigger audience, the pressure is on and, frankly, noone can hear as well. It’s definitely a factor, to be sure.

Tyrrell–Inattentiveness. Whether it be on the part of the quizzer, the coach, quizmaster, or score keeper. Being inattentive for quizzers especially is fatal unless you get really far ahead in the beginning; yet even then it can kill the team.

LINDSAY’s DecisionWow, this is a diverse list. I think Callaway’s answer is correct, but really obvious. I think Douglas answer is correct, but I hesitate to use it. Unfortunately, more so than any big tournament, Athens struggles from weak quizmasters. That is probably because they run two tournaments and try to use more local people. The gym is undeniably a factor that I was really in favor of giving a point to. I see the pain of experience, however, in Tyrrell’s answer and I am giving him a point.

Scoring Recap– Callaway 1, Startup 1, Tyrrell 1. Douglas is eliminated.

What is your favorite Athens New Year’s Classic moment?

Callaway–Winning it…wait that never happened. Personally, I’ll go with playing basketball with the Voyles brothers – it’s true what they say about Kentucky basketball players. Another good one is set up night olive pizza.

Startup–Winning the whole thing! In 2003 we dethroned the future champs at their own tournament! We beat them two quizzes in a row in the finals, but afterwards, even though we were promised that the winning team could ride in the RV, I was forced to ride in the van.

Tyrrell–Probably in the morning when everyone is in the gym, they name all the teams, pray, and go off to your first quiz. It’s great because for most it’s the first national tournament of the year and also the nervousness and uncertainty of how your team will really do.

LINDSAY’s Decision
Callaway is naming experiences that I cannot relate to. The Voyles brothers never invited me to play basketball. Further, I don’t eat olive pizza, and while I once knew a cute girl named Olive, I am not sure that having pizza with her is my idea of a best memory. If you are going to mention winning, Startup’s actual winning against you is superior. Tyrrell’s answer is applicable to every man. Therefore, Startup and Tyrrell move on.

Who is the one person, besides Bamford, about whom we can say “It just isn’t Athens New Year’s Classic without _______ there”?

Startup–David Douglas. I just couldn’t see anyone else, save Matt West, quizmaster those final rounds of the tournament.

Tyrrell–Matt West he is a good quizmaster and can add some fun to the tiring and more intense quizzes.

LINDSAY’s Decision
Here is where I am torn. I think the other two mentioned the Martins who do the hospitality room, but only quizmasters would know about that. I have no knowledge of any hospitality room. On the other hand, these two mention quizmasters, and I personally am not one to rate quizmasters. Oh wait, I am. I like both West and Douglas’s skills. And as I have already mentioned there are weak quizmasters at Athens New Year’s Classic. I did notice that the scheduling Matt West did last year in like 25 seconds (when Bamford announced that the schedule would be slow to arrive because they had forgotten a team) was amazing. Nevertheless, I can imagine Athens New Year’s Classic without him. When I quizzed he was not there until my senior year. Douglas was. Startup wins. He is the best this time, but please email us if you’d like to participate. Someone out there has to be better than Startup.

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