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Hello, all!
Just for your information, Heather and I went to an Orlando Magic game this past Friday. It’s been a while since I’ve been, and it was pretty cool, aside from the all-out slaughter on behalf of the Wizards. It evens out though, as I got me a cool hat and a pretzel!

Why did you skip 10th place in your article about NYC?
Carl, FL

When I first got this question, I was quite confused, so I checked my Quizzing folder on the computer and I put two teams that tied for 10th, but then I checked the website, and The Powers That Be changed the numbers. This is because I forgot that, of course, the winners of the consolation tournament were awarded 10th. So yeah, cool. How’s this:

10th place: Truth, FL

Well, I guess we have yet another team from Florida looking impressive at a nation-wide tournament. Truth, if you remember, placed 5th (right behind us) at the Midseason, and, in my opinion, could sweep any state qualifying match to AACS in the southeast, save Florida’s. Too bad they’re in Florida though. Still, they’re as solid as any new team, and the fact that they won the consolation tournament should really count for something. Plus, they have been able to travel and get experience as they grow, which is great. What isn’t great is that they have to face Open Door, Calvary, and FBC-CF at FAACS this year, so it hurts their chances of proceeding to Nationals, of course. But I still think they’re great (insert additional Florida bias comment here).

Not every quiz box has sound. Does this give quizzers an advantage/quizmasters a disadvantage?
Quiz, master

A great question. I think it does both things you mentioned. Quizmasters are human; they aren’t perfect, and as a younger quizmaster I can say with confidence that having a buzzer or some sound definitely helps. However, as a quizzer I can say with confidence that having no sound is great, and allows for a possible rule-bending situation that wouldn’t occur had the quizmaster been notified of my non-sitting presence.

Obviously as a quizmaster matures and officiates at major tournaments, they get better at adapting, and catch those stray quizzers who jump too quickly expecting a couple more syllables. But for your young quizmasters, I think that having sound could help as they learn and grow.

Remember that quizmasters have a tough job and while we certainly question a decision, we should not question their authority. They have a tough job, as they are often forced to make tough decisions without allowing bias to interfere, listen to multiple challenges throughout the day, and try to listen to quizzers quote their verses quickly and softly. They all deserve our respect.


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