PQA Tournament

On Saturday February 3rd, the Piedmont Quizzing Association held its end of the season all day double elimination tournament. The tournament was made up of the 32 teams in the league. It is a two-team tournament with no round robin so elimination can come quickly if you are unprepared. I was able to watch a number of quizzes some that were very intense and exciting. This tournament is set up much like a college Basketball Tournament Bracket. 1vs 32 and so on.

The 6th Place Quiz

Temple Swords vs. Faith 7
Faith 7 jumped out to a huge lead in this quiz only to see the Swords mount a very strong come back. Faith lead 160-40 at question 10 and looked to have the quiz in hand, by question 12 they had pushed there lead to 190-60, (Evan Bryson quizzed out without errors on question 12) it looked like Temple was doomed to be blown out, but then Temple mounted a huge rally and after question 19 the score was Faith 200 and Temple tailing with a score of 190! So it came down to a final question winner take all. The question was read and two quizzer’s from Faith, and Three from Temple all jumped. “Who had it?” Faith by a split second. Dale Forsythe answered it correctly for his only correct that quiz giving his team the win 220-190. It was an awesome quiz!

The 5th Place Quiz

Calvary Watchmen vs. Faith 7
Tyler Ziemer quizzed out on question 8 without errors but his team was over matched by Evan Bryson and Faith 7. Final score Faith 300, Calvary 110

4th Place Quiz

Faith 7 vs. Faith 2
This quiz looked to be an easy win for the Powerhouse Faith 2 team led by its star quizzer’s Meredith Bryson and Marilyn Bielmyer. But as is often the case it quiz, the best teams on paper don’t always come through in the clutch, and so was the case in this quiz. Faith 2 fell to Faith 7, 250 – 120. Marilyn fought hard but quizzed out backwards on the final question and Meredith finished the quiz with 4 correct and two errors. As for Faith 7’s Evan Bryson he quizzed out on the final question with two errors.

3rd Place Quiz

Faith 7 vs. Faith 8
This quiz was much like the 4th place quiz only this time it was Faith 7 that took the beating. Faiths 8 looked like a team that was relaxed and ready to dominate there opponent which is what they did. Final Score Faith 8 – 250, Faith 7 – 120. Leah Forsythe and Sarah Porch both quizzed out for Faith 8 and Evan Bryson quizzed out for Faith 7.

Championship Quizzes

Faith 8 vs. Faith 3
Faith 3 came into this quiz undefeated and Faith 8 with one loss. The first quiz was won in dramatic fashion by Faith 8, 200 -180. This was a very exciting quiz. Leah Forsythe once again quizzed out as well as Jared Bryson for Faith 3. The score was tied 180 -180 after 19 questions and Faith 8 out jumped Faith 3 for the final question. The crowed erupted in celebration it was great!

That left both teams with a loss and one last quiz to determine the championship. In that quiz both teams seemed abit tighter, I guess the thought of Faith 8 was “Hey we beat Faith 3 once, can we do it again!? And with Faith 3 was possibly more the shock of being beaten. But there were a number of errors and missed rebounds but when it all came down to it experience won out. Faith 3 pulled out the win 200 -150.

Final thoughts

I want to say Congratulations to Faith 3, who by the way are all seniors this year, for their hard work and dedication, and for winning not only the regular season title but also the PQA Tournament! I also would like to say a special thank you to all the Quizmasters and scorekeepers for their hard work and dedication to quiz. These men and women are second to none at what they do. Also I want to thank Bro. and Mrs. Wood for all the work they do for the league. God has truly been good and given us another great year of quizzing!


Tied for 6th Place – Temple Swords and Faith 1
Tied for 5th Place – Calvary Watchmen and Faith 4
4th Place – Faith 2
3rd Place- Faith 7
2nd Place – Faith 8
1st Place – Faith 3

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