A Smart Man’s Top Ten

Since George Lindsay has taken a sabbatical, we are in the process of reassigning his tasks. I, for now, will take over The “Smart Man’s Top Ten.” After the Colorado Tournament, here are my thoughts.

1 Pleasant View
While there was some debate about this after Athens, after winning in Colorado, I think this team has re-established itself as #1. Of course, the gap is not as great as it was last year.

2 First Baptist Central Florida
A controversial loss in Athens. A correct answer in Question 19 or 20 away from winning in Colorado. This team is right there, but…

3 Calvary Baptist Florida
I have maintained all year that this would be the winning team from Florida. I still believe that, and they would thereby eliminate the #2 team in the country at state. Either way, March 8 in Jacksonville, FL is the official date that a contender is first eliminated. The rest will be eliminated over a month later.

4 Woodisde
This team apparently still has pieces missing from its final team and has done well. They are the only team to beat Pleasant View in almost two years, so they may deserve a higher placement.

5 Open Door
This team has never before quizzed at big event other than Athens, and wow!! In Colorado, they quizzed Pleasant View three times and beat them twice. We won’t see them at either SCQANIT or AACS, but if they can appear at another tournament and do well, they will have to stay in the top 5.

6 Schaumburg Illinois
This team has finished impressively at all tournaments they have attended. Eric David is one of my favorites, as he has already given us information for an article on this website. I hope this team can crack the top 5.

7 Heritage New York
Lindsay always refused to call this team anything but New York. He also dipped their placement because they never put their top team together. AACS is always the only time I feel this team has a chance to win, but if that is what every team is shooting for, then that is OK by me. The most potential for upside exists here.

8 Old Paths
Very inconsistent. One of the top 5 teams in Colorado until they got negative scores twice in a row. Fourth in Athens and 9th in Colorado.

9 Faith Michigan
This team seems to have a survivor’s instinct. I am not sure that they can do better, but we shall see.

10 Truth Baptist Florida
I was torn between Faith South Carolina and this team. Since I am usually biased toward Faith South Carolina, I assumed Truth must be better. Faith won in Athens; Truth won in Colorado. SCQANIT will be the tiebreaker.

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