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There is nothing better in the world of Bible Quiz than the week of Nationals. I say there is nothing better in Bible Quiz than Nationals itself. But we’ll talk about that later in this article.

SCQANIT (south carolina quizzing association national invitational tournament) kicks off the action packed week on Monday, April 9th. SCQANIT has never been lacking for action and great competition. The recent decision of a few states to not compete at AACS’ Nationals, really sent the importance of this tournament to its zenith. These teams, which were highly competitive, treated scqanit as their national championship. For a couple of years, many debated that scqanit held more importance than Nationals. While I believe that this tournament never reached the overall importance of Nationals (though Dave Marriott nearly convinced me), it can easily be debated that it did either reach or surpass the competition of Nationals.

Even before Scqanit benefited from the AACS/States dilemma, it held one definite advantage over Nationals. Most of the good teams that were not fortunate enough to win their state tournament utilized their last good opportunity to quiz. In some years, some of these teams were more competitive than half of the field at Nationals. Couple that fact with the recent importance placed upon the tournament by a couple of really good teams and you have the main reason for the draw that SCQANIT has over Nationals. Even with Easter the Sunday before, SCQANIT expects another great field this year!

With some of the omitted states of the last few years back in the mix of the AACS tournament, Nationals looks to take back its edge. In my opinion, the Nationals tournament is by far the best tournament of the year. Though I have done this many times before, here are a few reasons as to why AACS Nationals is supreme. First, this is practically the only tournament that spans multiple days. (A few disclaimers on this statement: 1. The Colorado Invitational now includes Friday night as well as Saturday in their tournament. But Friday night is round robin action while both days of Nationals are for a double elimination tournament. 2. There may be other quiz circles that have multi-day events. 3. PVKY is planning a multi-day event for this September at a camp in Kentucky.) The double elimination tournament starts up at 8 AM on Tuesday. The quizzing continues through Tuesday afternoon until only 3 or 4 teams are left in the tournament. At that point, quizzing is suspended until Thursday afternoon. Second, every team involved in this tournament is representing a state. They have already competed against other teams of their state just for the right to quiz at nationals. This tournament is the only tournament where a team must win another tournament just to be allowed to enter! This scenario is great for the National tournament and great for quizzing. It builds great camaraderie among the quizzers from different programs. For example: Though FBCCF had strong competition in their state tournament, they will have just as strong support from their Florida counterparts. Third, the AACS tournament is considered by most as the National Championship of Bible Quiz. Quizzers start memorizing each May with the goal of hearing their school called on Thursday night of Nationals as the Bible Quiz Champion. The prestige prescribed to Nationals only adds to its value.

So whether you’re most interested in SCQANIT or Nationals or both, it’s obvious that Nationals week is approaching. Many quizzers are cramming verses into their memory each day. Most have already solidified their entry into Nationals. Some are hoping to rebound from their state tournament loss by showing up big at Scqanit. And having seen the level of talent we have this year in Bible Quiz, I get a little giddy thinking about April 9th, 10th, and 12th. Barring a tragedy in the church or family or unless someone wants a 2 million dollar mortgage, you won’t be able to keep me away from BJU come 8 AM that Tuesday! The tournament is amazing. If you have never attended Nationals, make this year your first! If you’re considering not attending Scqanit because you’re not attending Nationals or because you’d be pressed for time due to Easter, please trust me when I say “MISTAKE”. If you are a quizzer, coach, pastor, teacher, parent, family member, or just simply a fan, I’ll see you April 9th!

David Poston

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