August PQA

The PQA held its first day of quizzing at Faith Baptist Church in Taylors, SC. The day was filled with many good quizzes. This year’s league will be made up of 24 teams from 9 different ministries. There was one very noticeable absence and that was Athens. Over the years Athens has put together some really powerful teams. I doubt anyone will ever forget the team that won Nationals or the team that took the PQA Tournament by one question over my team from Pleasant View. Those were some great times. Hopefully Athens will be able to get a team up for next season. Also of note this year the league will have its first ever Jr. PQA champ. There are six teams competing this year over the book of James, I was unable to attend this quiz meet but from what I’ve been told it was some very good quizzing. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to Grace from down in Columbia, SC. They will be apart of the PQA this year. Welcome aboard!

Top 10 Teams
1. Greenville Blue (2-0)
1. Faith 8 (2-0)
1. Pleasant View Chosen (2-0)
1. Calvary Chosen (2-0)
1. Hampton Park Peacemakers (2-0)
1. Faith 5 (2-0)
7. Hampton Park Fishermen (1-1)
8. Proclaimers (1-1)
9. Faith 3 (1-1)
10. Greenville Purple (1-1)

Top 10 Quizzers
1. Tyler Ziemer (10-0) – Calvary Watchmen
1. Daniel Flaaten (10-0) – HP Fishermen
1. Beka Accampo (10-0) – Proclaimers
4. Casey Lovegrove (10-1) – Cal. Chosen
4. April Charron (10-1) – Greenville Blue
4. Valerie Myers (10-1) – HP Peacemakers
7. Michelle Roskam (10-2) – Faith 3
7. Andrew Sluder (10-2) – Temple Swords
7. Hannah Frazee (9-0) – Faith 5
10. Leah Forsythe (10-3) – Faith 8
10. Andrea Ohly (10-3) – Greenville Purple
10. Adam Raynes (9-1) – PV Chosen

Today’s Featured Scoreboard

Faith 2 over Faith 3 (260-150)
Meredith Bryson of Faith 2 quizzed out without errors. Michelle Roskam of Faith 3 also quizzed out in a loosing cause.

Faith 8 over Faith 7 (200-120)
Leah Forsythe of Faith 8 Quizzed out on question 17. This was a very strange quiz. Faith 7 jumped out to an 80-0 lead, only to watch Faith 8 capitalize on there mistakes to comeback and tie the quiz 120-120 at question 13. Overall Faith 7 committed 9 very devastating errors.

Faith 5 over Temple Swords (240-150)
Andrew Sluder of Temple looked like a man on a mission. He quizzed out on question 7, and left with his team up 100-40. But Faith 5 stormed back and rolled to a surprisingly easy victory. Hannah Frazee of Faith quizzed out without errors on question 14.

Temple Shepherds over Faith 6 (220-120)
Hannah Gentry of Temple quizzed out on question 20.

Faith 4 over Greenville Purple (200-190)
This was a very entertaining quiz! Andrea Ohly of Greenville quizzed out on question 20. Grace Borkert of Faith quizzed out on question 19. This was a back and forth quiz all the way to the finish.

Calvary Watchmen over Faith 1 (330-70)
Tyler Ziemer quizzed out without errors on question 15. He if you can believe this looked possibly even better than last year! Look out PQA! Overall this team was much improved! Good work guys!

Calvary Chosen over HP Fishermen (230-180)
Casey Lovegrove of Calvary quizzed out without errors on Question 5! She was on fire! Daniel Flaaten of Hampton Park also quizzed out without errors on question 20.

Pleasant View Chosen over Community (280-120)
Adam Raynes quizzed out on question 17. Nathaniel Ogle and Crystal Townsend also quizzed very well.

Next months quizzing will be held Saturday September 15th, at Hampton Park Baptist Church in Greenville SC. All regular season quizzing will begin at 2pm. Hope to see you there!

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