October PQA

The October PQA Quiz event was held this past Saturday at Calvary Baptist Church in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Half way through this quizzing season there are now a few teams which have emerged from the field as serious Championship contenders. Over the next few months this could get very intense and exciting. There are now four teams which seem to be stepping up, two from Calvary and two from Faith. Only one of these team remains undefeated after 6 quizzes. The other three are hoping for them to slip up and lose a quiz so they will all be on an even battlefield, but I wouldn’t count on this happening. This Calvary team has quizzed some of the best, and seems to win with relative ease so I look for them to be a team to reckon with down the stretch.

PQA Quizzer of the Month – Leah Rigsby – Calvary Challengers

Congratulations to Leah for being awarded this months Quizzer of the Month!

Top 10 Teams
1. Calvary Chosen (6-0)
2. Faith 3 (5-1)
3. Calvary Watchmen (5-1)
4. Faith 8 (5-1)
5. Hampton Park Fishermen (4-2)
6. Greenville Purple (4-2)
7. Hampton Park Peacemakers (4-2)
8. Greenville Blue (4-2)
9. Calvary Challengers (4-2)
10. Pleasant View Chosen (4-2)

Top 10 Quizzers
1. Beka Accampo (30-2) – Proclaimers
1. Daniel Flaaten (29-0) – HP Fishermen
3. Tyler Ziemer (30-3) – Calvary Watchmen
4. Casey Lovegrove (30-6) – Cal. Chosen
5. Leah Rigsby (26-1) – Cal. Challengers
6. Haley Singleton (27-4) – Cal. Chosen
7. Sarah Carnell (25-2) – Greenville Blue
8. Andrea Ohly (28-9) – Greenville Purple
8. Andrew Sluder (27-7) – Temple Swords
10. Michelle Roskam (26-6) – Faith 3

Today’s Featured Scoreboard

All Star Quiz –
Team A- Andrew Sluder, Tyler Ziemer, Andrea Ohly, Valerie Myers
Team B – Beka Accampo, Haley Singleton, Adam Raynes, Leah Forsythe, David Thomas
Team C- Daniel Flaaten, Casey Lovegrove, Leah Rigsby
* Among others

Team C – 220
Team A – 90
Team B – 60

#11 Hampton Park Fishermen over #8 Greenville Blue (240-170)
Daniel Flaaten of Hampton Park quizzed out without errors. Sarah Carnell of the Greenville Blue also quizzed out without errors.

#19 Pleasant View Heirs over #21 Hampton Park Witnesses (250-150)
Emily Raynes quizzed out for PV. This was very impressive because she was quizzing with a broken foot! Great Job Emily! Bethany Flaaten of HP also quizzed out.

#19 Pleasant View Heirs over #17 Temple Shepherds (230-170)
Starla Townsend of PV quizzed out without errors, and Hannah Gentry of Temple also quizzed out without errors. This was very good back and forth quiz. Temple led early but PV rallied for the win.

#5 Faith 3 over #15 Faith 7 (260-140)

#1 Faith 8 over #22 Grace (310-90)
Leah Forsythe of Faith quizzed out in this quiz.

#11 HP Fisherman over #23 Faith 6 (360-70)
Daniel Flaaten, Auria Garland, and Joshua Goodwin of Hampton Park all quizzed out without errors. This was a very strong showing by Hampton Park!

#6 Greenville Purple over #15 Faith 7 (250-140)

#17 Faith 1 over #1 HP Peacemakers (240-160)
Hampton Park fought hard but Faith seemed to always stay one step ahead and in the end they pulled out the upset.

#5 Faith 3 over #20 Temple Swords (320-80)
Michelle Roskam of Faith quizzed out in this quiz.

Next months quizzing will be held Saturday November 10th. at Pleasant View Baptist Church in Taylors, SC. All regular season quizzing begins at 2 pm. Hope to see you there!

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