November PQA

This past weekend the PQA held its monthly quiz event. The day started off with close quizzing and featured a number of very close quizzes. Several of these quizzes came down to the final question before the outcome was decided. It was a great day of entertaining quizzing!

PQA Quizzer of the Month – Daniel Flaaten –Hampton Park Fishermen

Daniel was named this months Quizzer of The Month. He has really become one of the top quizzer’s in the league week in and week out! Congratulation Daniel!

Top 15 Teams
1. Calvary Chosen (8-0)
2. Faith 3 (6-1)**
3. Calvary Watchmen (6-2)
4. Faith 8 (6-2)
5. Greenville Purple (6-2)
6. Hampton Park Peacemakers (6-2)
7. Hampton Park Fishermen (5-3)
8. Calvary Challengers (5-3)
9. Faith 4 (5-3)
10. Temple Shields (5-3)
11. Proclaimers (4-4)
12. Greenville Blue (4-4)
13. Pleasant View Chosen (4-4)
14. Faith 2 (4-4)
15. Pleasant View Heirs (4-4)

Top 15 Quizzers
1. Daniel Flaaten (39-2) –Hampton Park Fishermen
2. Tyler Ziemer (39-5) – Calvary Watchmen
3. Leah Rigsby (36-3) – Cal. Challengers
4. Beka Accampo (36-4) – Proclaimers
5. Haley Singleton (36-5) – Cal. Chosen
6. Andrew Sluder (37-8) – Temple Swords
7. Casey Lovegrove (38-12) – Cal. Chosen
8. Andrea Ohly (38-13) – Greenville Purple
9. Valerie Myers (33-5) – HP Peacemakers
10. Sarah Carnell (31-4) – Greenville Blue
11. Leah Forsythe (34-12) – Faith 8
12. Bethany Flaaten (32-9) – HP Witnesses
13. Rachel Frazee (26-4) – Faith 3**
14. Hannah Gentry (33-12) – Temple Shepherds
15. Michelle Roskam (28-9) – Faith 3**

**One less quiz due to a forfeit by Grace

Today’s Featured Scoreboard
These are a few of the quizzes which came down to the wire

#2 Faith 3 over #4 Faith 8
These two teams really battled it out. It was a back and forth quiz throughout. The quiz was tied at Question(s) 6,8,10 and then Faith 8 pulled out to a 160-100 lead by question 13. Faith 3 then called at timeout, and from that point on Faith 3 was on a mission! They charged back to take the lead 160-150 on question 16.

But Faith 8 wasn’t about to just fall apart without a fight. Leah Forsythe jumped and answered question 17 to once again giving her team the lead. Michelle Roskam then got her first correct of the quiz to give Faith 3 the lead 180-170. She then errored and it looked like Faith 8 might use that mistake to finally pull off the upset. The score after 19 questions was Faith 8 190 and Faith 3 170. So after an official timeout the quiz was going to be decided by a single question. Leah Forsythe jumped and it looked like the quiz was going Faith 8’s way, but she missed the question. Michelle then had a chance to redeem herself of the error on 19! And so she did! Faith 3 by 10! (190 -180)

#16 Faith 2 over #14 PV Heirs
These two teams were very evenly matched. Faith 2 jumped out to what looked like an insurmountable lead 80-0. But Pleasant View rebounded to take the lead by question 9 90-80. The quiz went back and forth and was tied 170-170 at question 17. Pleasant View then retook the lead to go up 190-180. Automatic Timeout! Question 20. Kaitlyn Dean of Faith 2 jumped and correctly answered question 20 to tie the quiz 190-190 right? Yes but she also quizzed out without errors and thus Faith 2 pulled out the win 200-190! What a Quiz! I later spoke with Pleasant View’s coach and he told me that at the time of the timeout when he spoke with his quizzzer’s his scorekeeper had failed to inform him that Kaitlyn had answered 4 questions without errors. So the team was unaware of this and was told to make sure before jumping!

#13 Proclaimers over #10 PV Chosen
Pleasant View led 170-160 after question 17. But a team bonus by the Proclamers on question 19 cemented the win 220-190. Beka Accampo seemed to struggle
and ended the quiz with an uncharacteristic 3-1 mark.

Next months quizzing will be held Saturday December 8th once again at Pleasant View Baptist Church in Taylors, SC. All regular season quizzing begins at 2pm. Hope to see you there!

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