Better Rules — AACS or SCQANIT

SCQANIT updates are on their way.  Check them out here.

Since we’re obviously a little slow with a preview article of AACS and SCQANIT, we’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane and give you some tidbits of previous material.  Here’ a part of a panel discussion held on the website on the differences between AACS and SCQANIT.  Enjoy and feel free to leave your own comments.

Which tournament has better rules–AACS or SCQANIT?

Poston–This is not an easy question to answer. Mainly, because I believe the best case scenario would be to take a few of the rules from AACS and a few of the rules from SCQANIT to yield the best rules. I like quiz out with 5. I like no bonus. I like new tossup (this is the first time I’m admitting to that, mainly because 5 fouls in a row gets old). I like timeout after 19. I like the winners quizzing weaker teams. If I had to choose, I would take SCQANIT’s rules.

1) Bonuses are a hassle, too much of a wild card. 2) AACS formatting rewards teams for receiving a high-win, by sending them against a middle and low. Likewise, a team that receives a middle can stay alive by beating low teams as opposed to staying in the “winner’s bracket” and having to face the best teams. Obviously, the longer the tournament goes the harder it is to survive; both tournaments acknowledge that. 3) With the aforementioned concept in mind, a team with one really great quizzer can sail to the second day through middle wins (120 points) with little support from their team at AACS. As I have often been in that situation more often than not, I can sympathize. So the quiz out with 6 is better.

WEST’s decision–I like the timeout, point to Poston. I like the quiz out with 6, point to Startup. I like new tossup, point to Poston. I like Startup’s description of AACS’s bracketing being better. I guess here I need to judge on which I think is the most important. I guess I really think the biggest difference is made in quiz outs being 5 or 6. I really think it changes too much to lower quizzing out to five. I’ve gotta side with Startup. He is the champion.

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