The Rankings


Faith SC (4.5) 76.5
2. Calvary FL(3.5) 74.5
3. Old Paths PA 60
4. Heritage Mission NY 59
5. Pleasant View KY 44.5
6. Hillsdale FL 36.5
7. Mukwonogo WI 34
8. Woodside CO 24
9. Calvary SC 11
10. Park Avenue NE 7

Others receiving votes: Athens GA 6, Falls Baptist WI 4, Parsippany NJ 3

A special thanks to some of our helpers, who also became our voters: Brant Callaway, David Douglas, William Hales, Daniel Keenan, David Poston, Jesse Startup, Aaron Wells, and Matt West.   All others who assisted have not yet sent in votes.

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