Podcast Installment #29

Matt and Jesse give a prediction for each state.  They made some outlandish predictions.   If you would like to listen, click here.  Also, you can now follow BibleQuizzer.net on twitter at http://twitter.com/BibleQuizzer. We are hoping for one more specific preview of how the state champions will do once they win the right to go to AACS. Please email podcast@biblequizzer.net before the next show if you have any questions. So stay tuned, the best is yet to come!!

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  1. Hey guys, I am from that North Carolina team, Gospel Light, and I can guarantee you that we are a whole lot better than you would give us credit. I am excited and preparing for the Blue Ridge Invitational. No doubt you may have a change of opinion after that event.

  2. I like the questions! Yes i’ve heard them other places but it’s cool you gathered them all up. Ooh and I don’t think I will gamble, but thanks for the suggestion though.

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