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  1. RE: the Rule Change, so basically are you suggesting that 2-team quizzing Regular errors would be only worth -5? so the tossup is basically only worth a calculated value of 25 instead of the previous 30? or would the tossup Q correct worth only 15? changing the overall score change to only 20 points? this would even out 1 right and one wrong to tie the game.

  2. I don’t think anyone ever suggested -5. The suggestion is, in a nutshell, that free questions be worth only 10 and that it therefore not advance the question number, as it was not a 20-point question.

  3. As a long time fan of Bible Quiz, I was very disappointed that the podcasts seemed to go away, but now I am very glad that they negotiated a contract with David Tyrrell. Now, if we could just get David Poston to replace Matt West, we could have an all David podcast of greatness.

  4. Half of the battle is only spending money on things that you actually want and David lists of all kinds of areas where people regularly spend a lot of money that he prioritizes below what he really wants. You need to regain a realization of how quickly money leaves your wallet and what kind of things you are spending it on.

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