Podcast Season #2, Episode 8

David and Matt begin the year with a podcast about the Athens New Years Classic. They talk about the event that was and what the rest of the year will look like. You can listen here. Please email podcast@biblequizzer.net to let us know what you think.

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  1. Kettle Moraine in Whitewater, WI very much enjoys the input of BibleQuizzer.net. It definitely adds to the excitement and enjoyment of Bible quizzing. Keep up the great work.

    After listening to sections of the podcast, I thought I would clear up one mystery. We have not quizzed Falls or Mukwonago to this point. My second guessing having two teams came from the fact that our Jr high team consisted of a 10 year old and an 11 year old whom we wanted to get experience, but didn’t want to overwhelm and discourage (we also put a 7 year old on the roster who knew 2 chapters but was there in the event it helped to give him an answer). After arriving in Athens I learned of the earlier quiz outs than those used in many tournaments and I became more aware of the Jr high competition level in particular. I already had an idea of the number of top notch teams in the Sr division and just thought we might be better to keep our 6 quizzers together and keep everyone more encouraged. As the Lord would have it we kept our 2 elementary quizzers on the Jr. high team and put our 1 Jr higher in with the 3 in Sr. high and are glad we did.

    The bottom line is that not much can be learned about Falls or Mukwonago from anything we did or didn’t do.

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