Podcast Season #2, Episode 11

As Colorado readily approaches, the boys talked about the forthcoming tournament, some emails, and all kinds of arbitrary things.  You can listen here. Please email podcast@biblequizzer.net to let us know what you think.  A crazy set of issues, but it is immensely entertaining.

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  1. For whatever it is worth, here is some factual information regarding Wisconsin quiz teams. Falls, Mukwonago, and Faith from Clinton, MI made it to the finals of the Marquette Manor tournament (Kettle Moraine wasn’t able to enter a team in the Sr. High division). Falls knocked Mukwonago out on question #20 and then Clinton won the final fairly handily.

    Last week Mukwonago hosted a three way quiz inviting Falls and Kettle Moraine to each bring A, B, and C teams. In the two quizzes where the three A teams faced off Mukwonago ended up winning over Kettle Moraine by 50-60 points without being much threatened. Kettle Moraine got the middle both times with relatively slim margins over Falls.

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