Podcast Season #3, Episode 3

The Greenville Area Spectacular was reviewed, as much is really possible for an event that moves by so quickly.  You can listen, by clicking here.  The schedule can be seen here.  Please email us at podcast@BibleQuizzer.net to let us know what you think.  Please give us any feedback you may have, and keep listening as the regular season begins to roll around.

Comments 5

  1. Thank you for this valuable podcast. It changed my approximation of what is important and what can be done.

  2. I stumbled upon your site looking for a thing to test my knowledge of the Bible. I started listening and I am amazed at the entertainment value you bring. I didn’t really know or understand what you were talking about, but that one guy was super funny. Anyway, in short, “Nice! You got me, too!”

  3. Really loved the podcast! I added you to my favorites. I will come back and listen as often as is possible!

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