Podcast Season #3, Episode 6

Guest host B and Matt discussed the lack of Florida bias, the KIQ-off tournament, and the top teams of the year.  As the first mention of the quiz year of top teams, let the criticisms fly in.  Soon the BibleQuizzer.net poll will be available and you can make more distinct criticisms.  Please email us at podcast@BibleQuizzer.net to let us know what you think.  Please rate our second guest host.  Please give us some more ideas for who can host the show into the future!  Oh yeah, click here to listen.

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    I am entirely certain that the choice podcasts contain lots of unorthodox statements–moreso than anybody else! Maybe if you had more written blogs people could take quick hits. Could we get people who listen to the podcasts to post their favorite line from the podcast so that people can see what they are missing?

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