Podcast Season #3, Episode 7

Guest Host C comes on and talks about his new Bible Quiz league in addition to his top ten picks!   As the second mention of the quiz year of top teams, let the criticisms fly in.  Soon the BibleQuizzer.net poll will be available and you can make more distinct criticisms.  Please email us at podcast@BibleQuizzer.net to let us know what you think.  Please rate our third guest host.  Please give us some more ideas for who can host the show into the future!  Oh yeah, click here to listen.

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  1. Hi there! I do think this can be a fantastic podcast. I stumbled on it as I was unaware of the podcasts in the Fall. I’ll bring as many as I can to listen. Flexibility may be the very best approach to the hosts being entertaining. Keep bringing it and maybe we can find wealthy supporters!

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