Podcast Season #3, Episode 8

Guest Host D came on to review the PQA event, drop PQA knowledge on us, and give us feedback on the top ten picks!   As an additional mention of the quiz year of top teams, let the criticisms fly in.  The BibleQuizzer.net poll is available and you can make more distinct criticisms of that.  Please email us at podcast@BibleQuizzer.net to let us know what you think.  Please rate our fourth guest host.  We had a little static from all the brain power flying back and forth.  Please give us some more ideas for who can host the show into the future!  Oh yeah, click here to listen.

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  1. Due to the sound quality, I had a pretty difficult time even understanding what was being said. I think I missed half of it. Plus it cuts out unexpectedly at the end. . .?

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